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A Tale of Theft and Guns

This is a story about Noah. Noah is broke on account of being fired from his job. Now behind on rent and desperate, his friend gives him a job offer that could change his life for better or worse.

Author Note: This story is pretty short, with about 3300~ words. It has 5 endings for you to find, and every choice has an impact on the story. Leave me your thoughts below! Also a BIG thanks to mizal for helping with proofreading.

Lil Timmy: Halloween Premiere Episode

Lil Timmy is mad so he will get his revenge!

Author Note: This story was wrote in 4 hours for a compotition with the theme being spooky. Please keep this in mind when rating

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Serpent's Super Snazzy Ser-views on 4/6/2020 3:53:41 PM
30. http://chooseyourstory.com/story/a-very-special-choose-your-story This story was... something. I felt in the mood to read an endmaster story, and I was deciding between this an imagination. Let's just say they are two diferent ends of the spectrum. I didn't know there was a story on this site more revolting than love sick, but here it is. Despite all that I love it. It is a great story and if you haven't read it then go read it right now. Then go read the butter bear, because you will need it after this. So to start off I don't want to think that a parent decided not to read through this and read it for the first time with their son. Imagine granny and little timmy sitting on the couch, and getting the mutant baby ending. Not a pretty picture. The first ending I got was the cult one, and it was one of the more sicking ones. After reading through every page of this story, I like the endings. They are structured pretty well, and if you go and try to be popular then you choose a thing you want to do and make a choice about that thing. Then you see how you fail. It's very simple. The endings always felt very different, and the morals are sometimes very helpful! Or not, but whatever. So I get why it is offensive to a lot of people. It has a lot of generalizations about large groups of people. Some who deserve it like the skin heads, but others not so much. That's okay though, because this a story. You don't have to read it, and it wasn't written to be taken serouisly. Believe it or not, you can disagree with someone on the internet and not insult them. It's a thing This story game also has that endmaster flair to it. I've mentioned this in many reviews, but something about his writing makes everything good. If grammar is how good the burger looks, and plot is the patty, then style is the sauce, and endmaster has the krabby patty secret formula. All in all, this story was great. I loved it and while I'm not sure I would recommend many people read it, if can handle it and remember that not everyone thinks like you do then you should be fine. It is still a endmaster story after all, and a pretty short one all things considering. 6/8

CYS Discord: Now with flying cars! on 4/6/2020 12:56:22 PM

Serpent's Super Snazzy Ser-views on 4/5/2020 3:06:33 AM
29. http://chooseyourstory.com/story/facts-about-the-planet-and-the-solar-system Let me start off by saying that I love this. I love the state my brain is now in. I have been awakened into my new form by this game. This game has truly enlightened me. I was a only a dumb child before this game. In many regards I still am, but now I KNOW. I know the things. There is so much brillance here I can't fathom it all. It makes me weep with joy now that I know I have been freed. Mizal, just know that you have truly inspired change in me. Because of this story I will wash off all fruit before eating it. I will stop eating while sitting on the floor. And most importantly I will stop posting pics of my food on the discord. As a turtle myself I'm amazed at the history of my people. To think that we could be responsible for this much is mind boggling. I can not comprehend this anymore. To think for all this time I've been LIED too! Thank you once more for helping me escape the shackles of ignorance and enter the green robes of knowledge. I also like the definitions. It helped me understand the text a lot better. If not for them I wouldn't have learned the word "debunked". I will show this to all my friends. They WILL believe. If they don't I swear I will kidnap them, and torture them until they do. They WILL know of god. It is for their own good! I will be like those people in bird box tearing off blindfolds, but instead putting random people in my basement. They have to know. THEY HAVE TO. They must know of the sacrifices Turtle Mother went through to keep us safe. Look Im a ormal uy. I hep them SEE. THey WELL C. I gOt to go hid. Mom trying to force me pills. I no want pills. I SEEEEE.

Serpent's Super Snazzy Ser-views on 4/5/2020 3:05:28 AM
First Quarter 2020: 2 reviews

Any stories that would work with students age 12? on 4/5/2020 2:56:06 AM
I hear this is a good one. Written by the person who had been posting here the whole time. Can't believe she missed it. http://chooseyourstory.com/story/facts-about-the-planet-and-the-solar-system

Corona Tag! on 4/4/2020 7:10:04 PM
1000 or more

Corona Tag! on 4/4/2020 7:04:55 PM
It says in the OP to write a 1000 word whatever and post it here

Corona Tag! on 4/4/2020 7:02:07 PM

Corona Tag! on 4/4/2020 3:31:26 PM
I doubt it also, but the first storygame is very short, so that won't happen on the first. I'm talking about the second. Though we'll see if I do.

Corona Tag! on 4/4/2020 3:30:20 PM
I'm talking about the next storygame doing that. Can't really give away why I think it's a good idea, but the first one only has one "true" ending. I plan the next one to be quite a bit longer in any case.