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Best Games Update (same as below)

21 years ago
As good as Jurassic Fairview park is, we won't have it on the top 5 because when we DID have it on the top 5 tons of people played it and like NOBODY beat it, meaning people were probably just frustrated with the website by the time they finished that game. too bad huh?
Anyways the top 5 games will be updated shortly. There's still a question as to who number 5 should be, but right now it's
1. Walmart
2. Finals week
3. Magus Betrayal
4. Who's the Bachelor
and like I said 5 we're not sure of yet 100%. Each one of those games is an awesome game, and each game represents a different category of games, so there's variety on the top 5, which we think is important to some degree. Also these are the creators votes for all in all best games on the site. Anyways Leave us comments as to which game you guys think should get the number 5 spot.
I PERSONALLY have my votes going out to either
1. the sasquatch game
2. Wormtongue journals
3. or mario adventure island 2 (for kicks)
but a lot of that has to do with the sheer fact that I feel that cool use of items (Holloween Adventure, Wizards Quest) doesn't overshadow a great story, which wormtongue and sasquatch have. Not all the creators think the same way however, and we're still diliberating. But expect the update to come shortly!

re:Best Games Update

21 years ago
What about happiness test?? it's such a cool original game??