How to Obtain Your Own Trophy

by Fleshnblood_78

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Revised by Will11, and then by JJJ-thebanisher.

During your time at CYS you will have the chance to acquire many trophies. Some of them you can keep forever, some you will have to keep working for in order to keep them, some can be obtained by writing stories, some by finding errors and bugs on the site and some can be obtained by making people happy. How do you gain your own personal trophy, though? Before we discuss that let’s look at the people who have already gained their own.


Here are the basic requirements for gaining your own trophy:

1. You need to have more than 3000 EXP points. This ensures that you have points from a variety of different places: most importantly from featured games. There are many ways to gain points. As mentioned, getting your game featured is preferred. Check out the articles for other ways to gain points and what they are.

2. A featured game, or two previously featured. Getting your game featured is fairly difficult, depending on the category your game is found in, but there are many articles that you can read to help you figure out how to write a story that is worth featuring.

3. You must have acquired a number of personal trophies equal to at least three-quarters (rounded down) of the active personal trophies.

Active personal trophies are personal trophies belonging to members who have signed on to the website in the past two months. You can see which members qualify as active by browsing to the About Us page in the Help & Info section of the website.

Each member with a personal trophy will have their own guidelines for achieving their trophy. You can personally ask the trophy giver to see what they are. Begging for trophies will probably reduce your chance of actually receiving your own trophy. Finally, be aware that any Admin has the power to totally override these guidelines. They are just that, guidelines. They can be changed or overruled for whatever reason. Cheaters and those looking for an easy way around these guidelines will not be rewarded but someone who shows exceptional talent and dedication to the site might obtain these privileges just for their effort. Good luck and be thinking about what you want on your Trophy.