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by solostrike

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So you have signed up for a MyAdventureGame account, maybe you are working on a new game, met a few other members. Now you want to edit or personalize your account.

Select the MyStuff link from the tab menu. Under the MyStuff link, you will notice several links. Select the Account and Profile link. This will open up the Account and Profile page, where you can do many things.

You have the ability to add your very own user profile for other members to read. You can add an avatar photo to your name, this photo will be displayed in your profile, and beside every post you either reply to or create in the forums. Then you have a few preferences which you can select, and lastly your personal info.

To start off, you can write whatever you want in your Profile as long as it is appropriate. Your profile can contain several things. A little blurb about you, information on your games, and/or a message to the reader. To add a profile to your account, simply type in the information in the large text area right below "Your Profile" and when you are done, click the "Update My Account and Profile" button at the bottom of the page.

An Avatar Photo is, as explained above, just an image that resides in the Profile page and beside every one of your posts in the forums. An avatar photo is usually something that describes you in someway, for example what you like, dislike, love, etc. or it may just be a random image that you like. To select an avatar photo for yourself, simply upload an image to the site, select the image from the dropdown menu corresponding to the Avatar Photos.

Next is your preferences. In general, the preferences is a list of what you want enabled or disabled. The first item on the list of preferences is Sneak Preview of My Unpublished Games. This preference, when checked, allows a viewer of your profile see your unpublished games. This does NOT allow the reader to play your unpublished games. It actually only shows the title and description of the game. If you uncheck this preference, users will only see published games. The Send Me Email Notification preference, when checked, allows you to receive email messages to your inbox when something in the MAG ( that relates to you happens. This could be when someone leaves a comment on one of your games, or when someone replies to one of your posts in the forums. If you uncheck this preference, you will not receive any of these notifications.

The Use Rich Text Editor preference, when checked, enables you to use the RichText editor when typing in text areas on the MAG. The RichText editor uses a toolbar that allows you to change fonts, colours, backgrounds, etc. If you disable this, you will be set to the Plain Text Editor. No toolbar will be included, and to change fonts, colours, etc. you will need to use HTML coding. That includes bold, italics and underline options.

Private Messages are similar to email messages but do not require an email address. The Private Messages feature allows you to receive messages from other users of the site. Although many users allow themselves to receive these messages, you can choose not to. If you uncheck the Receive Private Messages checkbox, you will not receive messages from other users.

Duels are another fun part of the MAG. Duels are basically miniature games that involve a wager of MAG Points (please read article on MAG Points) and competition of two members. If you uncheck this preference, Participate in Duels, you will not be able to challenge members to a duel nor will you receive them from others.

The last part of this article is the Your Info. Your personal information will not be given out to any third parties nor the users of the site. The personal information will be kept by the Administration of the site. Simply enter your name, birthdate, gender, zip/postal code or country, and email address in their appropriate text boxes. You also have the ability to change your password, in which you need to select this link, type in your old password in the first text box, and type your new password twice in the corresponding boxes.

After any changes, you need to select the "Update My Account and Profile" button at the bottom of the page.