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Im Jonathon, a 14 year old Bearden High Student from Tennessee! I enjoy creating things very much. I am also known under the identitiy of SupermarioJon on this site, and i gave you the two games that won me 10 Myaventuregame points.... The Mario Adventure Island Series! Now i am here to give you another set of great games, the Kaiju Domination Series! Version one is now published...but the others wont be for a while...enjoy!


Kaiju Domination: Episode 1- Godzilla
You are a chosen one, a person with enough self control and honor that you have been chosen to partner a Kaiju. Kaiju are the mythycal gigantic monsters. You are probably familiar with the most famous of them such as Godzilla and King Kong. You are assigned a Partner, Godzilla, and sent on the greatest journey of your life! Get ready to Crumble!

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Raise your kaiju...name has been changed! on 10/21/2003 6:07:03 PM
Raise your Kaiju volume one has been changed to Kaiju Domination: Version 1- Godzilla for popularity reasons. My game is about Godzilla...so i figured his name should be in the title, SO i changed the name...so maybe this game will get more attention! Please check it out, its worth it!

New Game- Raise your Kaiju Version 1!!!! on 10/15/2003 5:39:13 PM
If you like Godzilla or monsters in general play this game, its a completely original game idea, has battle strategies, and unique opponents! Hurry and play!