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I sing and dance -badly-. I draw and write -for fun-. I'm the chick who hides behind her hair and books in an attempt to act aloof and distant. In real life, I am socially awkward and slightly introverted. But real life is a drag and I like fictional stories much better -usually-. I tend to delve into unrealistic fantasies more than I should. I am a whole bunch of different kinds of nerd and wouldn't have it any other way. I'm much more friendly virtually -though I am channeling my social virtual self in the real world more often now- and hope to make some awesome stories here... Unfortunately, my success rate of finishing stories so far is practically zero. I search my mind for clever things to say... However, I always draw a blank. I stare at this blank... and slowly realize this blank is my friend, my enemy. My goal in life is to fill this blank.


Broken Wings

Just a short game about a bird trying to find its master. Sort of sad.

Bromsgrove Coast Academy

Play as a girl or a boy, who may be straight or not. As a new transfer student to an elite boarding school, you meet five interesting people and end up falling for one of them! Which one? And do you even have a chance? Multiple endings for all characters. Based off a story I've written. Play multiple times to see how the story changes when a different character is the transfer student.

Humans and Namuhs

In the fictional kingdom of Magnic, there rules a king. A namuh king who believes the namuh is the superior race and makes decrees discriminating against the human race. His actions has caused his subjects to be divided. A rebellion is brewing. Play as a prince from another land who goes to Magnic to be part of the upcoming civil war... in one way or another.

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Lol. Welcome to the site.

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I hope so too.

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Hey. Just wanted to introduce myself a little, I guess. I so horribly over think these things though. I've been on this site before plenty of times before actually making this account though and I like it. :) Hope my story doesn't turn out too bad if I even have the focus to finish it this time. I also hope I make nice online friends and meet better writers to help me out. I can tell being on here is going to be fun regardless though. Thanks to whoever read this, haha. More thanks if you reply :D