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Hi, my name is Thomas La Homme. I'm a veteran of two Industrial bands. I'm also a poet.  I grew up with the old Choose Your Own Adventure and Endless Quest books in the 80's and have always been fascinated with the old text-based computer games like Zork.

My background has been in writing fiction, so my point of attack when writing story-games is always with an emphasis on the story. I feel that interactive fiction is a valued art form that can be viewed as a subgenre of experimental fiction. Since mainstream writers are likely to take this format and do something skull-crushingly boring, I see this as an opportunity to expand the form of "genre fiction". Whether of not what I write is any good is up for debate. Writing is always a learning process, so hopefully I'm getting better as time goes by.

Let me know what you think. 


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Featured Story Aphrodite's Orphan

A teenage girl living on a Venus out of 1930's Pulp Science Fiction must search the planet and other worlds with her robot tutor to find the killers of her parents.

This is done in the format of an Interactive Novel, so it's pretty far removed from the standard Dungeon Crawl format. This is more reminescent of the old CYOA books of the 80's and 90's, particulary T.S.R. Hobbies' Endless Quest Books. The characters have arcs which will be determined by the decisions you make.

Because this is set in an outdated version of the solar system, I consider this to be more a work of Fantasy than Science Fiction. Think Science Fantasy.

Also, there are elements of Hard Boiled Detective fiction and Film Noir. Like if Raymond Chandler or James M. Cain wrote about Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon.

The Dolls' Quest

Two sentient dolls who remember previous lives as a prince and princess in another universe, go on a perilous quest across the United States to learn more of their origins. My first storygame so any constructive criticism is welcome. Now with 30% fewer typos! Thanks to Mizal for editing advice. 

Time and the Twin Cities

A young man's coming of age as he navigates an underground fairy city where time runs slower and his hometown as it evolves into a metropolis over the centuries.

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Dark Fantasy Definitions on 12/27/2020 2:57:59 PM



Dark Fantasy Definitions on 12/27/2020 12:47:51 PM

Okay, so I see that you guys have decided to put up a Dark Fantasy category. If that's the case, why not place my first story-game, The Doll's Quest, in that section? Domestic violence, heroin addiction, mental illness, suicide, murder... It's not exactly The Wizard of Oz. Eh, I'm probably splitting semantic hairs. Pretty much everything I write is dark.

Hope everyone had a nice Christmas, Yule, Kwanza, Hanuka, Winter Solstice, etc. 

Reformatting My Last Story-game on 10/17/2020 5:10:58 PM

Okay, I've pretty much finished my attempts at editing "Aphrodite's Orphan" and so it's back up to be savaged by the critics. I'm rather quite proud of it myself and I'm glad so many of you have given it a shot. It should be noted that the best way to appreciate this piece is to keep re-reading it till you've gone through all the branches. Otherwise, you won't get the full picture.

Reformatting My Last Story-game on 10/16/2020 12:30:01 PM

Tomorrow (October 17th) I will be unpublishing "Aphrodite's Orphan" so I can correct some formatting issues. I will not change the overall text because that is consistent with my intent as a writer. But I have noticed there are places were the proper paragraph indentations are missing (mostly due to transfering the text to an oline wordpad for the spellcheck option) so I will be correcting that. Sorry to anyone who has any saved games, but I just want this work to be a little more pristine.

As to when I will publish a new story-game... I really don't know. I don't have internet access on my home computer and usually have relied on my friend's laptop which I use when I'm at work watching his mom. (I'm a caregiver) I used to also use the internet computers at the San Antonio College Library, but that's been a non-option since March when Covid shut everything down. It's kind of hard to do this sort of thing when you're on the wrong side of the Digital Divide so my efforts on this site have always been by hook or by crook.

The story-game should probably be back up in a day or so.

I hope everybody's doing well and staying safe from the virus.

Update About My Dad on 10/1/2020 12:44:41 PM

They've moved her back to her nursing home. I expect they'll keep her in quarantine for two weeks and let her mingle amongst her friends. So happy she's gotten through this. With her age and all of her health issues I was very concerned. 

I didn't realize they almost had to saw half your dad's skull off. Glad it didn't come to that.

Update About My Dad on 9/26/2020 4:14:38 PM

My mom seems to be doing better now, mizal. They moved her to another place where she can adequately recover before they have her go back to her nursing home. I was able to call her this week and she told me she's on oxygen but that she's breathing better. I think she said she has a physical therapist who's giving her breathing exercises; hopefully, she won't always have to be on oxygen, but she was a smoker for close to 40 years.

Glad your dad is feeling better. Sorry about his weight loss.

I'll be so much happier when we have a mass-distributed vaccine-- even though some people are already saying they'll refuse to take it. Funny that it's genetic engineering that may be getting us out of this mess.

Oh, and speaking of Robert E. Howard, have you ever seen The Whole Wide World? It came in in1996 and stared Vincent D'Onofrio and Renee Zellwiger and was about Robert E. Howard's relationship with his school teacher girlfriend, Novalyne Price.

Update About My Mom on 9/10/2020 10:11:12 AM

mizal, sorry about your dad. Hope he gets well soon. Houston? So you're in East Texas. I live in San Antonio. Nice to know another Texan on this site. You know, Robert E. Howard, creator of Conan the Barbarian, was from East Texas. He was born in Peastor and lived most of his life in Crossplains.

Update About My Mom on 9/10/2020 10:07:37 AM


Update About My Mom on 9/7/2020 12:11:32 PM

My mom seems to be doing better today. Yesterday, they had to run a central line through her neck and had identified that she had some kind of infection. Apparently, they have since discovered she has  pneumonia, which was probably an offshoot of having Covid-19. Now that they know what the infection is they can more adequately treat it.  I'll let you all know how things go. Hope everybody here is doing well.

Update About My Mom on 9/6/2020 3:28:11 PM

I will, mizal. Thank you. Just hope she'll be okay.