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Appearance vs. Reality

You are a high school student tasked with rewriting the ever-popular play of Hamlet for your school project. You come to realize that you and Hamlet are a lot more alike than you first thought.

Of course, your father wasn't killed by his brother so he could become King, but hey. You and Hamlet would have gotten along well.

(An English IV project all about Appearance vs. Reality in Hamlet, for Mrs. McGowan.)

Prisoner for A Week

You are an investigative reporter, and one thing you wanted to do was learn and expose what life as a prisoner is actually like.

But you might not like the project as much as you thought.

Goal: Avoid being raped/beaten up/etc. for a week.

Note: This is not meant to be taken as a real depiction of prison, nor is it meant to be serious. This was my first attempt here, and I just wanted to get used to the format of it all. Criticism appreciated.

Restricted Access

You are twenty-two year old Mathias Greene, investigative reporter. You, like many stereotypical mystery main characters, live quite alone, in a quaint apartment. Your city, of course, is quite active with its killings and thefts and such crimes.

But there's this one case that bothers you.

The Hapshin Case.

Two years old and written off as a suicide, ever since you overheard your friends talking about it jokingly, you've been obsessed. Something just doesn't seem right.

And you're going to figure it out.