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The King's Successor

It is a nice peaceful day, your father, the king, is growing old and his mind isn't as clear as it was. Realizing his own state of mind, he has decided to hold a competition to decide his true heir before he goes insane. Instead of a normal competition where you hunt for objects or shoot at targets, he has decided to let the most intelligent child bear the weight of the crown.

Note: The RESET link does not reset everything you've done. It only resets the buttons you have chosen at the time, in case people are too lazy to press the go back button if they've made a mistake. I hope that makes it less ambiguous.

Flight of the boobook owl

You are a boobook owl and you have just been born. Your mother is frantically looking after you and you know that your time to mature will come soon.
This is about you and your life, you need to survive in the life of a boobook owl.