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I'm a software tester that likes history, writing, art, literature, political science, English, and lots of other things typical techno geeks hate. I do games because I like to; I hope they are entertaining to people that play them.

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Braak the Briton (Redux Edition)
Between the times when Claudian Invasion occured and the departure of the last legion, the Roman Empire ruled Britain with an ironfist. Out of the natives' struggle for freedom comes great Briton, Celtic, Gallic, and Pictish heroes---great leaders that show the defiance and resolve of their people. Braak, your character in this adventure, is not yet a great leader of the British peoples. In fact, he's not a great warrior either. But because of his fearlessness (and a great debt that he owes his king), he has been "volunteered" to rescue the Pictish princess Aallura from enprisonment in the Romano-Briton town of Vespasium. Your quest begins at the front gate of Vespasium. To suceed on his quest, you must outwit the Romans. Direct force will only get your character killed or worse. Yes, there are worse things than death...well anyway, good luck!

Is Dave Chappelle crazy?
Chap HidingDave Chappelle! He's the #1 Black comedian in the world! He's got a hit show on Comedy Central! But has the fame and money caused Dave Chappelle to lose his mind? Go back to the days leading up to Chappelle leaving for Africa. Keep him from going insane by avoiding network executives, rabid Chappelle Show fans, and others that might cause his stress level to rise. Get him out of the Comedy Central building and to the airport without his INSANITY Points getting to 100. Hint: there are also items and people that will help remove some Insanity Points from Chappelle. GOOD LUCK, BITCHES!

Braak the General

Another tale of Braak the Briton, an epic hero (in the making) living under the oppressive heel of the Roman occupation of Briton. Corrupt governors, brutal generals, and venial patricians rule this land. The ancient tribes, the original natives of Briton only die when they stand in the path of the Romans. Their blood greases the forward progress of the Legions. However, the spirit of these isles is not easily broken. One Pictish King is raising an army, and along with his general, selected perhaps by destiny, he will fight Romans until the Latin scourge is lifted or until there are no Picts left to fight.

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Braak the Briton!!!! on 5/25/2003 7:12:23 PM
Please try my first adventure game on here! It's a story set in Roman Britain, and it has an interesting take on what a celtic epic hero from that time might be like. There are multiple solutions and some are shorter than others. If you like the game, play it again to try to win a different way. Please leave constructive feedback; I appreciate it! Thank you!