The real detective challenge story (pm)

A mystery / thriller storygame by liuxess

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Contains content that may not be suitable for persons under age 13. If this were a movie, it would probably be PG.




This isn’t a choice game. You’re going to create this story (with a help of me) how you would solve this case, of course, you have to prove you’re worth it by passing the test.


This game will be played with messaging. You will be allowed to write from 1 to 5 actions like:

  1. Walk up to Brendan
  2. Ask his alibi and living place
  3. Ask what he does for a living

 And etc.


You will control yourself, and I will control everything else.

You will see how your actions worked out in the story – I will link how you go through.

Story takes place in September 31, 8 AM


And the most important part: TEST

When you wake up and check you e-mail as you always do, you see a bunch of letter asking to help police solve some crimes. Most of them are boring and not even challenging.

But your eye sees a letter from your old pal chief Chamnsey. He writes only if there is a very difficult case you open the letter and see the information

The questions you have to answer: When will the killer strike again? How are the victims related except the same surname of many?

And make a deduction(s) on them. This is the system:

You will have to answer those questions and make at least one deduction.

You can ask two questions about information that you could find on Internet or police files and make one deduction

You can ask one question about information that you could find on Internet or police files and make two deductions

You can make 3 deductions and not ask anything.


If the deductions are logical, you’ll pass


And a big thanks to: Aeon_Spiral and Eatsleeplay, for being the first to try out this game! Even if Eatsleeplay didn't pass... YET!

P.s. by saying deduction, I mean a theory with possible facts. 3-5 sentences  

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