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Post-Apocalyptic Empire

Set up the bases and rule your own empire after the third world war.

The Wasteland Chronicles: The Story of Aether Frost

In the year 2318, about three centuries after the Old World was destroyed by the thunders of death, or, as they called them back then, ''nukes'', you, Aether Frost, a regular outlaw, are trying to survive.

Important: There is only one ending that is official, meaning only it's events will be used in future storygames taking place in the same universe. You will know which it is, since it's written in underlined text at the bottom of the page.

Dark Skies: Desolation

Two years have passed since the global thermonuclear conflict known as World War 3 occurred. You are Alexandru Moldovan, a 24-year-old Romanian man. It is October of 1990. Not many survivors remained after the war, and their numbers keep sinking lower and lower each passing day. Resources are scarce and incredibly valuable, so much so that most people are willing to kill for even a can of beans, a bottle of clean water, or a can of gasoline.

Nobody knows precisely what caused the conflict. Everything happened so suddenly that the radio announcer barely had the time to warn the citizens to seek shelter immediately, then the missiles impacted the ground and complete radio silence ensued. For a few weeks after the nuclear war, elements of the Romanian Army and the Securitate, the secret police, were trying to regain control over the country, but their efforts proved ineffective, as people saw this as their chance to be free from under the tyranny of Ceausescu's brutal regime. Whatever remains of the pre-war government is rumored to be hiding in Bucharest, in the vast underground of the People's Palace, the second largest building in the world. Ceausescu himself is rumored to be still alive down there, along with most of the other prominent figures of his regime, and a couple thousand soldiers and civilians.

You were a political prisoner, serving time in Fort 13 Jilava, a maximum security political gulag, after a neighbor turned you in to the Securitate after you admitted to him that you really disliked the current regime and would like to see it fall over a few glasses of moonshine. You've been there for a little over half a year when the bombs fell. Chaos ensued soon after what happened became clear, and during the prison riot, you managed to make your escape.

You've been living on the road for the past couple of years, going from place to place. You tried finding your family back in your home city of Timisoara, much of the city was destroyed, and it was completely empty, the only humans there were decomposing bodies. After that, you kept on moving from place to place, eating whatever you could scavenge or hunt. Sometimes you walk, sometimes you go on bicycle, sometimes you are lucky enough to find a working car...

Will you be able to keep surviving? For how long?

Internet Wars: The Troll Horde

Play as an adventurer in the mystical world of Internet, and try to stop the horde of trolls bent on pwning all the realms... Or join them, you might get some cool stuff... Or just watch, or just do anything, really... It's a free place... Kinda...

They murk in the darknes...

A horror CSY adventure I made.Please take notice that there are 3 endings medium difficulty to get,and 1 special ending,which is the hardest to obtain.I suggest you first play as what you would do in real life,only after you finish it once,proceed to finding the other endings.

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What scares you? on 11/18/2012 3:11:15 PM

My biggest phobias are the following:

-Dolls(yes,I am afraid of dolls.It sounds funny,but it freaks the hell out of me)
-Drowning(I am afraid of dying by drowning in water)
-When I see a small light in a completely dark room that seems to be approaching me
-The sensation that someone is chasing me at night(I keep looking back while walking)