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Driving. on 5/12/2016 9:59:06 AM

SOOOOOO, I recently got my drivers license. As in recently i mean 23 hours ago. But i drive to school today. First time driving to school on my own and I park in spot on the end of the lot. Well class doesn't start for about 20 more minutes so I'm sitting in my car listening to music. All of a sudden my car shakes. I look up to see this girl backed into me in the parking spot in front of me. I was STEAMING. I get out and look at the damage. Thank god it was just her hitch. She hit my license plate holder. (just my holder I only have temps on it since it's new) But where I'm going with this is does anyone have any funny, sad, close call stories from first time driving? I would love to hear them.