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Hi, I'm Axiom. I'm working on a cool visual novel with guns and wizards and things. More information on my website:

If you're interested, you can follow me on Twitter for updates:

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Axiom's Art on 1/15/2017 2:16:11 PM
Thanks, everyone! I did night versions of a couple of my backgrounds yesterday.
Axiom's Art on 1/10/2017 7:58:44 PM
That's very nice, dear. We'll put it on the fridge with a big gold star magnet.
Axiom's Art on 1/10/2017 6:16:56 PM
Thanks! I'll probably post them here, although I'm not sure when I'll next be working on backgrounds.
Axiom's Art on 1/10/2017 6:16:40 PM
Haha, don't worry, I fully intend to have slow dramatic pans over my painstaking art so you can fully appreciate it. Thanks for the compliments! I agree the backgrounds are the nicest. They're also the most recent, so it makes sense.
Axiom's Art on 1/10/2017 12:35:21 PM
Hey man, the horror genre has a fine tradition of vagina-shaped monsters. Actually, that monster design is pretty bad and wasn't planned out well. I wouldn't use it in the game.
Axiom's Art on 1/10/2017 12:17:51 PM
As some of you may know, I do art sometimes, mainly in support of my gamedev hobby. I mainly do 3D these days, but I also do other stuff. Here are a few of my pieces. Some backgrounds for my visual novel, which I hope will be out in a few months: I have a lot of these, but I'll leave it at that. They're 3D renders with a lot of postwork done on them. Concept painting for my action-RPG I have on the backburner, which you may recognize from my avatar: Environment concept sketches for the same project: I do character models in various styles. Here are a couple examples: Low-poly unlit painted model. Some jacket I made a while ago with cloth sim. I have some complete models done in a more realistic style with cloth sim, but for some reason I like this jacket the most. I also used to do pixel art, but not for years now. This was supposed to be from some cyberpunk RPG I ended up never making. It's supposed to be viewed at 200%, which you can do on the PixelJoint page. This one is a WIP I've been meaning to finish for a few years. Clouds on the right and grass on the left are undone still. Bigger version Uh I guess that's good for now. Ask if you have questions.
How to organize a story line on 1/7/2017 4:38:06 PM
Yep, fair enough. I find I really like the corkboard in combination with something else, though. I use whiteboard + discussion + random note-jotting for rough ideas, then they wind up on the corkboard when they become a bit more solidified, and then they go into a computer document for more detailed planning (e.g. individual scene conflict/emotional change/relation to theme/etc) once the corkboard is fleshed out.
How to organize a story line on 1/7/2017 2:55:47 PM
Do it. It's totally worth the money. You don't even have to drill holes in your wall! I got some adhesive picture-hanging strips that were easy to put up and work great.
How to organize a story line on 1/7/2017 2:51:21 PM
Well yes, but look at how beautiful my corkboard is! Actually, it has a lot more stuff on it since I took that picture. It's so official-feeling. I would actually really recommend getting one. They're like $25 or $30 on Amazon for one that size, and pinning stuff to it is way more psychologically motivating than doing it digitally. Plus you can hang it proudly in your living room and impress everyone with your writerliness.
How to organize a story line on 1/7/2017 2:45:15 PM
Lately I do my rough planning on a whiteboard, then transfer it to notecards pinned to a physical corkboard to flesh it out, for example: I've tried a lot of outlining software, but something about having a physical board is very motivating. It's also easy to rearrange plot points this way and put things in whatever location you want, see the whole thing at once, etc. Scrivener has a corkboard thing as well, but I haven't actually tried that one. As far as story structure itself goes, I recommend reading Save the Cat by Blake Snyder.