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Hi, I'm Axiom. I'm working on a cool visual novel with guns and wizards and things. If you're interested, you can follow me on Twitter for updates:

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Villain Lair on 12/27/2017 5:29:54 PM

I unbanned you. You didn't do anything, I was just blanket banning most of the new people.

Villain Lair on 12/27/2017 4:43:08 PM

I mean, it accomplished the goal of getting him banned, but can't he at least put in more effort? Back in my day, when we trolled foreign IRC channels, we took pride in our craftsmanship.

Villain Lair on 12/27/2017 4:25:18 PM

Honestly, I was incredibly embarrassed for Ford. I mean, setting out to troll until you're banned is one thing, but asking all the women for nudes? Who thinks that's clever or funny in the year of our lord 2017? I feel like I just watched a toddler walk into my living room, take a huge steaming dump on the rug, and giggle like it's the height of comedy.

Villain Lair on 12/27/2017 4:21:33 PM

Well, I don't really have a problem with Tim. He was just kind of caught in the crossfire. In a war, there will be casualties.

Seriously though, I banned a couple of people who didn't really do anything specifically to keep the flood of newbs under control. I'm open to unbanning them and introducing them slowly at a later date, pending a discussion about whether they're appropriate additions to our community.

Villain Lair on 12/27/2017 3:51:25 PM

If your name is on this list, please be advised that I disapprove of this influx of questionable new people. If you're even slightly annoying, you will be banned.

Inktober/Goretober on 10/2/2017 12:21:14 AM

I'm gonna give it a stab, but I'm doing it digitally. I'm working on my fundamentals, so I'm probably just going to draw straight from photo refs for the whole month.

Axiom's Art on 2/14/2017 7:25:47 PM

The backgrounds are generally around 15-40 hours.


Axiom's Art on 2/14/2017 7:24:57 PM

It has meaning. It's an art asset for my visual novel.

Axiom's Art on 2/12/2017 10:24:16 PM

It did. Maybe like 15-20 hours.

Axiom's Art on 2/12/2017 10:24:04 PM

Days. I started it last weekend and finished it a couple days ago.