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hi everyone i'm BadWolf super doctor who fan

my avatar:

name: Jordan Wulf

age: 20

country: england

appearance: hair; blonde eyes; yellow skin; light

characteristics: brave, strong, funny, smart,dog lover, and crazy

friends: the doctor, Clara Oswold and Luke Smith

pet(s): Trooper; doberman; dog

                                           my diary (important stuff)

                                                                               4 / 2 / 2010

                                           entry 17

i have got the cutest new puppy his name is Trooper and he is a doberman pincher and this is how i got him: i was looking for a dog at the pet shop and i saw him Trooper was beautiful so i walked over and asked some workers there how much for him it cost me 20 pounds but Trooper is worth it, gotta go Luke's here                          Bad out.

                                                                                12 / 4 / 2010

                                         entry 60

today i met the doctor he is unlike any other person i have met how it happened: i was walking Trooper when i saw a statue of an angel in the park i blinked the once innocent face was now twisted and..... closer? yes Trooper ran to the fence then i heard a voice it said 'don't blink' i spun around and asked 'who are you?' but i saw a stone hand above my shoulder  i spun around it moved again 'don't blink' my eyes were watering but i kept them open the doctor grabbed my hand i kept my eyes on the thing i accidently ran into the TARDIS and i called my dog 'Trooper come here boy!' and he ran over the doctor opened the door Trooper ran inside i went in without turning the doctor closed the door and i went home it was 7:00 P.M. it's now 7:16 i'm gonna take a shower and go to bed 'night

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