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Facts about me: I like reading books, writing, video games (Minecraft, Legend of Zelda, FNaF, among others). I like stalking around the forums. I'm in 6th grade, so don't be too angry or whatever.

Please tell me to work on my story. Demand. Yell at me. It helps.

(You can also find me over at

"What if when we fall asleep we're really just waking up?"

"What if we're already dead and our whole life is just our life flashing before our eyes?"

"If you have an irrational fear of everything, do you have an irrational fear of nothing?"







A future in chaos...

Life changed after the worlds ripped. Two parallel worlds, each fighting for survival. 

You used to be one person. After you met your twin from the seperate world, everything changed. A freak acident turned him against you.

And now you're being hunted. By yourself.

The Darkened Path

Quill had never expected his life to change so drastically. Meeting an orphan named Harlem was his only excuse to go on an adventure. But when Harlem's sister, Olive, disappears, it's the worst thing that could have happened. 


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Hello! (...again, I suppose) on 6/16/2019 3:44:36 PM

Nevrm I think the problem fixed itself. I have to use html for bold and italics now, right?

Like this?




Hello! (...again, I suppose) on 6/16/2019 3:40:29 PM

This is weird. I try to turn it off, I click "Save Updates" (or whatever it says) and it turns back on again when I come here or do anything.

Hello! (...again, I suppose) on 6/16/2019 2:19:30 PM

Yep. Typing is really hard. I press backspace, it adds three weird random letters. I press forward slash, it adds a period in between all the words I've typed. Sometimes it deletes everything I've typed, and it has some really weird glitches. At least it's usable.

Ah. Well...I will try. Working on my story is currently difficult, as explained above. I have a desktop, but I don't like using it because someone is always staring over my shoulder, and I can't work with people staring over my shoulder.

But I will try.

Hello! (...again, I suppose) on 6/16/2019 1:47:50 PM

On sorry! My kindle glitches quite often, and it just did. I don't know why it just created a response. Sorry.

Hello! (...again, I suppose) on 6/16/2019 1:43:52 PM


The Adventures of Jach Kunter on 6/15/2019 12:35:56 PM

I agree. That would be awesome.

CYS Steam Group for Domination and Control on 6/13/2019 3:25:08 PM

Gasp! Who is this new "Mizal" I saw? The only mizal I know of has a non-capitalized first letter. Who is this imposter?!

The Adventures of Jach Kunter on 6/13/2019 2:25:17 PM

We're supposed to say what we want him to do, and then I guess whichever option has the most votes is what happens.

Contest Idea on 5/30/2019 8:13:15 PM

I think this message belongs in r/ihadastroke.

Invisible mode for Admins on 5/21/2019 6:11:46 PM

Oh great...

*runs away while screaming in terror*