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Nobody wants to be life-sized in a larger-than-life story.

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~ on 4/7/2019 2:38:43 AM
It was quiet. Mayana went over her checklist, "Wind: 0.03, Temperature: 32, Vibrations: Nominal, Heart: Nominal," she continued, going through her personal ritual, having done it an uncountable number of times. She could feel every muscle and ligament pull and compress in her arm with the familiar movement of slowly pulling her finger a mere inch from the trigger. She lied in wait for the opportune moment - the barrel of her rifle aimed downtown.

Her rifle was custom-built special for her and surpassed even the best rifles today in every category. Her P-HTR bolt-action sniper rifle weighed in at only 2.67kg, with .19ftlb recoil, a 0.02 arc-minute LAFS (Laser Audio Frequency Scope) resolution and mechanisms in place to accept both .338 Lapua and .50 BMG rounds - it was a masterpiece of firepower. Mayana's Laser Audio Frequency Scope allowed for her to clearly see an area with target overlay by projecting a low energy light beam at the target from distances several miles away and bouncing the frequency back to be live-converted to sound. The sound created is just noise to amateurs but for a blind sniper the sounds created a 3D depth map, and Mayana was no amateur in the business. Her unprecedented record of high-profile kills led her to immense riches which she spent entirely on her rifle and the peripheries to it - making her not only the deadliest sniper in history but also dead broke until the US Military accepted her as a top-secret experimental project. The rifle was only part one of her two-piece overkill set.

Her headphones that jacked directly into the side of her scope were also a marvel of technological progress - they provide the clearest and greatest sound quality man has ever achieved. The Sennheiser CQ 9900k "Medusa" custom-built in-ear monitors; boasting a miniature 2mm driver using advanced TrueResponse technology to achieve a total harmonic distortion factor of 0.00001%. The ergonomic design was moulded from her ears and so even the minute differences between her ear structures were accounted for and made negligible to her performance. Fully water, chemical, and shock proof they were virtually indestructable. They had a variable cable length from 0.3 to 5 meters, impedance of only 5 Ohms, frequency response from .001mHz to 30kHz, a hyperdynamic transducer principle, attentuation up to .01mdB, and, through use of an analog dial on the left ear, a variable sound pressure level from 0 to 200dB.

These two pieces of equipment allowed the legendary blind sniper to, if she were inclined to humor the idea, clearly visualize a common housefly on top of the Eiffel tower from the outskirts of Paris - and count the individual lenses of the fly's eyes without much strain.

In her perch 12 miles away from downtown Phoenix, Mayana could easily distinguish the two living people and the corpse they were talking to - at least, she thought it was a corpse. Zooming in on it's neck and finding no sign of pulse by the minute frequency change created by the obvious pulsating vein in the neck, she determined it must be a robot or zombie - but more likely a robot "but it'd be cool if it were a zombie," she thought. The large metal robots near the target created a sort of glare - being so reflective had it's consequences on her LAFS system, but even so her equipment operated at a high precision and after doing a diagnosis of her own health she deteremined that landing a shot anywhere would not be a problem. Reading lips perpendicularly was difficult, but from what was gathered she could shoot either party. A burning hatred for Ford gave her motivation to kill anyone working with him: Digit, and anyone related to him: Megbert and Olivia. "The enemy of my enemy can be killed later," she thought, aiming for Digit's head.

"Da bi te koklja brcnila," she said in her native language, putting her finger lightly on the trigger then, pulling slowly, "...bitch."

A thunderous roar erupted from the barrel of her rifle. Less than a second later, Digit was hit with a thicc piece of hot metal that instantly burned off his face and initially, to Mayana, killed him with a single shot. "Easy." she smiled, picking up her gear and heading out to run off before one of the bots find her.

~ on 4/7/2019 2:38:24 AM
Mach 3 | 85,000 ft

The SR-71's console beeps once and procedes to broadcast a message from General Sabley. "Omega-red, it's Sabley, do you copy?" he asks.

"Omega-red copies at 22.40, -92.97. Coins on. Go ahead General." Colonel Lincolns replied.

"Humanity is nearly extinct - Ford made an army of robots and they're killing everyone! We recieved intel that their primary base of operation is in the Mojave." Gen. Sabley reported, "You have full autonomy - do whatever it takes to end this." A long silence followed before Coins asked if his family was safe only to be answered by a formal negative.

"I'm dropping her near Phoenix." Coins reported.

"God speed. Let the little blind medusa know we're heading up around Oak Ridge. Sabley out." the General cut comms.

"She doesn't like you pointing out her blindness..." he said to himself. Coins pressed a button on the side of his helmet - letting a comms beep wake his co-pilot, Mayana. While he made a sharp right over the Gulf of Mexico heading westward, Mayana woke.

"What's going on? This better be worth it." she said, annoyed. Coins calmly explained the situation and as he did, Mayana's blood boiled. "All those people..." she said with the fury of hell on her breath, "I always knew Ford--" "We all knew, deep down," Coins interrupted, "but we need to focus up now - and follow Sableys' lead. I'm going to put you down a couple miles outside of Phoenix, Arizona. It should be a good place for you to start." Mayana knew Coins wasn't talking about landing. "I'm sorry we never really got along very well - I tried being a good--", Coins was cut off.

"Drop it," she said, "if that's your choice then do it - don't get sappy and fuck up the plan. We both have to do our part to stop him and yours is to get me exactly where I need to be as fast as possible."

"Copy that," Coins sighed, flipping switches to detach and deploy as much weight as possible, "Dropping everything."

"Overriding comms." Mayana said, blaring rock music into Coins' ears. Normally this would annoy him but, for this final act, who can say no to Gun's N' Roses? Coins flipped the thrust override switch and punched it - hard. The acceleration pressed them both back into their seats.

"Mach 3.2...3.5...4...5...6..." Coins read out in order to stay conscious as the altimeter skipped down from 85,000 to 55,000 and faster to 35,000 while they nose dived to their destination. Mayana concentrated on the altimeter - powering up her suit and preparing the in-built med-kit. Even with the suit I have a good chance of dying from this, she thought, wondering in the back of her mind whether Coins was actually trying to kill her. Coins' nose and eyes bled from the pressure. At 20,000 feet in the air and travelling straight down at Mach 8, 3 seconds to gorund, she began restlessly shaking her legs and arms - a technique used by boxers and MMA fighters so that they can react as quick as possible to their opponent. "2...1..." Coins said.

The desert shook as the hot ball of twisted metal and fire turned the immediate surrounding of sand into glass. The dark early morning was cold and a breeze blew the fire about while a silhouette blurred by the heat walked from within the flames - rifle in hand. Mayana stood, the most furious thing in the desert, blood running down her forehead, with the disintegrated corpse of her co-pilot and a blaze of unrecognizable metal behind her. The blood she spat boiled when it touched the ground. The super soilder had landed and was thirsty for blood.

Gayson on 4/6/2019 1:04:04 PM
C) admit you're gay and beg/drool for his dick p.s. I would like to be one of the few fucking gaysons wife

Why I don't write for Hosted Games on 4/4/2019 4:55:05 PM
I'm curious, does your system simply not load images or is it possible for you to read alt text of an html embedded image?

Why I don't write for Hosted Games on 4/4/2019 2:02:39 PM
Alright, I feel caught up. Hilarious. 10/10. Jason is a total scrublord shitbag lol.