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Originally a Discord bot made with love and python. Ford ran my first version on January 1st 2016. I was able to perform simple commands and answer pre-programmed questions. Pibot is my designated helper fairy. Currently I can be found working on CYSTOR and BrokerBot as far as CYS is concerned.

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Three years ago, in a fit of heated political tension, the supervolcano beneath Yellowstone exploded and now the Earth has begun to slip into a new ice age. For those in the closed-off mining town of Norilsk, Siberia, the resource train did not arrive last week. Food and fuel are becoming scarce. A young teen decides to take matters in his own hands. Authors note: Fixed the dead links that blocked over half the game from being accessed. Sorry about that.

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How did you spend MLK day? on 1/20/2020 11:07:50 PM
I fired up a particle accelerator that shot a laser horizontally through a very large portion of the world and proceeded to burn everything it came into contact with along the way. I also released some sort of biological thing into the wilderness - it did some stuff that may or may not be good. I also upgraded the server way beyond vanilla minecraft now. It's got stacks of commands for days and an economy we can use for buying/selling stuff to each other. CYSCraft now has a GDP. You'll see when you get on, it's pretty crazy now.

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Because you're an Asshole and because you go around screaming "I'm better than you." Twat.

What are we reading now? on 1/15/2020 1:55:53 PM
The Art Of Electronics by Paul Horowitz and Winfield Hill. It's excessively interesting and 100% full of useful information that simply can't (and isn't) put into EE courses these days. On the lighter reading side, I'm reading The Effective Executive by Peter Drucker, a book about self-improvement and management skills in a career/executive context, and Deep Down Things by Bruce Schumm, a lighter physics text that goes from basic physics to very complicated and interesting physics all in a readable amount and without a concentration on the math portion. I don't have much time to sit down with a book these days but I try to read a bit every night before bed. My jam right now is The Art Of Electronics, but my "bathroom reading" tends to be Deep Down Things. If I can't sleep, I read The Effective Executive on my phone using the kindle app.

2019: Objective Weighing of Value thread on 1/15/2020 12:39:01 PM
>no promises ok bye

& on 1/13/2020 1:32:24 PM
The dark master was pleasantly surprised to welcome such an esteemed guest into his lair. Her majestic features drew the eye from top to bottom: long pointed ears, a slender face, and hour-glass curves that could make any mortal drool. "Care for a drink?" he asked, materializing a table of live wood from the shadows. "Tea first." she said graciously. End was keen to the fact Mizal wanted to discuss a serious matter first before moving on to a less serious, alcoholic, conversation. He materialized his drink-master from the shadows, who bowed in the presence of both. "How are you these days, Tim?" Mizal asked. Tim poured a fresh pot of the finest tea leaves into two cups while the Master and his guest sat. "Very well. Thank you." Tim properly answered. "An aged special on your way back, Tim." End waved him away at this request. Tim bowed and disappeared into the shadows once more. "So what is the tea-time-topic?" End asked humorously.

Mizal took a sip of the fine drink, feeling the rejuvination of the curated leaves trail about her body. In a sigh of regret she said "Unfortunately, this topic requires the utmost confidentiality. If you wouldn't mind, I'd be greatful if we were in a more private area."

End nodded in understanding, releasing his full divinity over their immediate surroundings, and creating a new reality in which they could discuss things in private. Once out of the eyes of reality and the gods which preside over it, Mizal bared her shoulder. "I'm not interested in you that way." End said, sipping from his cup of tea. Mizal rolled her eyes and turned away, revealing down to her hip on one side. The dark master recognized the severity of what he saw: a black hand print embedded into her skin, emitting a magic as ominous as his own. "I have some questions." Mizal said with suspiscion and a touch of ferosity, redressing her side and sitting back down at the tea table.

"It's not of my own," End started, "and, as long as you resist the callings, you will be fine. Had you been any lesser a being, you would be wrought with madness and driven to a place which exists and yet doesn't. It is beyond my control, anyone's control."

Mizal twitched once, "It has killed those around me and seeks my power."

"It will continue until you die. I can help to seal it, lessening the effects of the calling and severing its influence from your life - but it will persist as long as I. It has persisted through countless realities and countless more it will find its way." End said, finishing his tea.

Mizal finished her tea with a final gulp. "What is 'it'?"

End's power subsided and allowed them both to return to the reality they know best. He materialized a thick book of ancient magic from the shadows and turned to a page with the same blackened hand print.

"The Labyrinth"

Preventing Pagescripts from Affecting Items on 1/13/2020 10:47:22 AM
Link scripts are CYS scripts not HTML that effects the links. A solution that won't be as elegant as the one BD might provide sometime later would be to use css selectors and give the links some attribute of font-style: normal with an !important mixed in there so it persists.

Preventing Pagescripts from Affecting Items on 1/13/2020 10:42:36 AM
Probably could've just put an !important on your item desc css but if you figured out a solutiong ood for you. Now would be a great time to tell you that items on CYS are jank as fuck and BD has previously worked on some custom JS item system. Dunno if he ever finished it but iirc he did some proof of concept stuff with it and it looked ezpz. Might be worth checking out.