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Authors note: it's broke and I wanted it finished. I think it was supposed to be an entry for a contest sometime Jan 2019? So yeah it's not getting fixed but I did test it and it is beatable. Some parts don't make sense out of a certain order but the information is the same. Also can't figure out why sleeping makes you have to click go out into the hallway twice for it to work? Anyways just don't give up if a link seems to not work it probably just needs to be clicked twice.

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A flawlessly handsome bartender dried glasses and organized the front drink selection when suddenly a shadow figure appeared to sit at the bar. "To what do I owe the pleasure of your presence here today?" Tim asked, taking a break from drying shot glasses and pouring two glasses of the finest house scotch. "I need Othalam Root," the dark master said, "I understand it takes special skill to harvest." "Yes, my lord. Where shall I have it delivered?" Tim knew not to ask for reasons or he risks the whim of the void. "I will take it personally. We will go to your little garden and you will obtain some for me," the master said evenly. "With haste, then?" Tim gulped down his whiskey and nodded to show he was ready to go. The abyssal lord of darkness known in these times as End enveloped Tim in darkness and a moment later they were both present at a purple waterfall which fell into an oily rainbow lake. It was the entrance to Tim's personal garden: Eden. The liquid fall was poison of the highest concentration flowing into a lake of acid where nothing would go unscathed. In a single motion: End created a bridge across the acid lake, a void path through the poison-fall, and had already teleported to the ancient livewood door behind the poison-fall. Tim walked with haste to the door of his most valued project, putting on his personal gloves and opening the door with ease. Anyone without these gloves would have died from touching the poisoned door; except, of course, End. Opening the door revealed a cave of lush greens and intermittent colors mixed between. They walked along paths to the back of the cave where the Othalam tree grew. Tim carefully harvested the roots, sealing them in a bag and then sterilizing the outside of the bag along with his gloves and anything else that was near the tree. "The bar?" End asked. "If you wouldn't mind," Tim said kindly, "Thank you, End." Tim was back at the bar with two empty whiskey glasses before he could blink.

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With fire in his eyes, the man goes for offense. He gets knocked back and stands tall - angrily looking directly at the graphically intense cyborg. He grunts and with a poof his mustache is fully regrown. "What the fuck?" Digit mutters under his breath. The man then rips his entire mustache off in one piece and is now bloody, clean shaven, and holding his curled mustache in hand. "What the fuck?" Digit says, outloud this time. The man throws his mustache sky high - leaving himself open for a moment. Digit was not one to miss such an opportunity, and struck the man's torso hard with his metal leg - sending him flying into the wall. A second later a shadow appeared on the ground. It got darker, and Digit looked up to find the sky blotted out by mustache hairs. They were giant - like spears and were raining down into the courtyard at unbelievable speed. It didn't matter where Digit was - the mustache hairs would strike. The man had thought he won, he had avenged his friend and the cyborg would die.