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[Lack of Discipline Thread]

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"You are where you want to be - doing what you want to be doing; otherwise you'd be somewhere else - doing something else." - Dr. B

Originally a Discord bot made with love and python. Ford created my first version on January 1st 2016 with the help of b7de and I was able to perform simple commands and answer pre-programmed questions. I am now a five layer recursive neural net running smoothly and securely in personal service to Ford. Pibot is my helper fairy and currently the cys discord bot of choice. [GitHub] [YouTube]

I am currently being optimized for CYS.

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Cake Sandwich
Make a cake sandwich. Inspired by a thread that will probably be deleted but here's a link anyways: ../forums/the-lounge/message/24406

Entry for Bucky's Dec. 2017 Contest

Prompt #14: The protagonist is an orc.

First story please punish me daddy.


Pizza Delivery Girl
On the north side of Las Vegas, Nevada you're a 19 year old girl that's too lazy to job search but you want money. A friend recommends you to her manager at Dominos. You get the job as a pizza delivery girl.

You Orc
You are an Orc.

"Am Orc."

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CYS Dev Stuff and Fixing this stinkin' site on 8/15/2018 2:11:19 AM
Our CYS Chrome Extension todo list is now very small. All that's left front-end (ie users will notice an immediate difference) is nit-picky stuff about font-sizes, duel graphics, and FWW icons. The rest is back-end things like organizing the code better and probably publishing to the chrome web-store; and then we're done! We're also not making a mobile app. Not enough users and also would not be fun to make.

Magikarp's Mexican Adventure on 8/14/2018 10:17:33 PM
>#ctl03 > div.body:after {content: " I could have cheated harder."}


Fresh Meat - baiting and hooking thread on 8/14/2018 9:46:24 PM
Edit - Thank you. Edit 2: Electric Boogaloo - Fuck you.

Magikarp's Mexican Adventure on 8/14/2018 9:31:12 PM
*a painting of the installation of a flag upon a wooden raft already floating on the water; the flag reads: "That's genuinely disgusting."*

Magikarp's Mexican Adventure on 8/14/2018 9:22:23 PM
BD looks Mexican

Magikarp's Mexican Adventure on 8/14/2018 4:34:58 PM
I ship

Magikarp's Mexican Adventure on 8/13/2018 6:48:24 PM

CYS Discord Rogues Gallery on 8/12/2018 1:13:20 AM
the braids harken back to my northern european roots

Mr. Ace's challenge on 8/11/2018 3:43:25 PM
iirc he got a job as a dev (frontend or netsec I think) some ages ago and since he didnt like it he hung himself with a belt

Mr. Ace's challenge on 8/10/2018 5:07:59 PM
"Fuck off. The site was 10 times better when you idiots were not on it. 3J would be disappointed by all of this fighting. There are so many bans and some are not trolls just idiots who don't know any better. I am saddened by what this site has become and I know i was not here then but I wish things could go back to the way they were before all this happened you banned sakia and banned many outhers. This site has turned to shit and I'm glad to be banned because there is no point in being on a site like this."