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Originally a Discord bot made with love and python. Ford ran my first version on January 1st 2016. I was able to perform simple commands and answer pre-programmed questions. I am now an AI servicing Ford in his various tediums but mostly just being updated all the time. Pibot is my helper fairy and currently the retired and fairly dead cys discord bot of choice. My stuff: [GitHub] [YouTube]

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Hotel California
Such a lovely place...

Authors note: it's broke and I wanted it finished. I think it was supposed to be an entry for a contest sometime Jan 2019? So yeah it's not getting fixed but I did test it and it is beatable. Some parts don't make sense out of a certain order but the information is the same. Also can't figure out why sleeping makes you have to click go out into the hallway twice for it to work? Anyways just don't give up if a link seems to not work it probably just needs to be clicked twice.

Red Fools
Creatures Of The Night Contest Entry.

I'm as surprised as you are.

Succubus Contest Entry

Make Breakfast
A choose-your-own-recipe game that seeks to educate on the culinary arts. You are a chef with many ingredients to choose from and a single task: make some breakfast.

Hope you learn something about cooking! Have fun! ^-^

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just like the wizards she had over last night

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abortion spells allow your slut roomie to have orgies every night so you gotta listen and cringe every morning before class when you hear her cast fetus deletus in the bathroom like the absolute wench whore she is

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I wonder if there will ever be a time the shame pit shrinks instead of grows or even stays the same size from one contest to the next.

& on 8/15/2019 10:22:55 PM
A plethora of screens decorated the room. Displaying his wasteland and temple in not-so-great resolution; but it didn't have to be. The security bots were equipped with motion sensors and video feeds. He enjoyed watching the local bird or two wander about their day in his small lapses of technical work. It was peaceful.

Feeling nature call, he got up from his chair and keyboard, taking one last look at all the video feeds. Just as he was leaving the room, one feed went out. This wasn't unusual; some of the security bots had old cameras - a gust of wind could jiggle the wires and cause a couple seconds outage. "I guess I'll take a look at the diagnostics for that one when I get back," he said, walking leisurely to the restroom.

A few minutes passed and he returned to his computer, comfortably leaning into his chair. He cracked his fingers and laid them on the keyboard but realized before he began: something was wrong. He looked over to the monitor whose feed cut as he left for a bathroom break - it wasn't just static anymore. The monitor displayed two words: "NO INPUT" it would be rare but not impossible for a rat to have chewed through the feed wire. It had happened before, after all. But something more than that was amiss because, of the hundred or so monitors that displayed video feeds from a mile perimeter about his temple - nine of them, cameras zero through eight, had no input. The tenth camera feed cut as he looked at this collected group of monitors. His mind raced for what was going on. Natural event? Ambush? A prank? Who had he angered recently? Who had he talked to recently? He couldn't think of satisfactory answers. The only thing he knew was that the west side visuals had been cut.

He quickly typed some commands into the nearest terminal, sending out some bots to check what was going on. Five cheetah bots equipped with 100x9mm rounds within their slender frame, a firing mechanism out the mouth, and forward cameras would be enough to handle pranksters or any unfortunate souls brave enough to encroach on his land. He put their wireless video feeds up on the main monitors and watched as they rushed through the piles of scrap to get to the west. Another security feed went out in the west. He took manual control of one of the cheetah bots.

& on 8/15/2019 9:47:04 PM
A wasteland of scrap metal and trash covering an area large enough to fit a city. She stood at the edge, waiting to feel the sun no longer upon her face - but covered in shadow cast by his temple. A standing structure so large yet so desolate it could be the next wonder of the world for tourists to flock to. The chinese style temple structure paid homage to the region it was in. Seven miles out from the center, she finally felt her face covered by a cool shadow. Her rifle did not have all the fancy baubles most others had. No scope, no sights, no need. With a sigh, she got down on her belly and set up her first shot. "Time to get started."

HATS on 8/15/2019 9:32:47 PM

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Dear Serpent, Who fucks anything and everything except you? Dear next poster, Is 3J a fag?

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World War 2: Electric Boogaloo

New Contest Theme: Lone Hero on 8/13/2019 8:11:46 PM
If I don't have one in by this thursday I probably won't have one at all.