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Ever Wish Fucktards Would SPACE Paragraphs? on 3/24/2020 2:57:33 AM

      Hmm, I suppose this is kinda me randomly splurting(just pretend it's a word) my crazy complaints and ideas, but if there is other people who actually clicked on this then thanks for putting up with my first totally off topic sentence! So u ever wanna slap someone cuz they just declined to play basketball on that side of the gym cuz only people of the opposite gender are playing over there?

Ever notice the person you wanna slap for that is U? Well, me too! It's not like we're even not allowed to hang out with each other, we just don't do it! And that makes it super Awkward and unnatural for those of us who try to hang out without it being a 'thing'. It's a billion times less awkward for the lgbt+ crowd because no one makes a big deal and you don't feel like others are gonna make a big deal b/c they won't.

As for me, I always get awkward around ANY guys my age, and make a fool of myself, and then when I do I get defensive, and I'm pretty sure that makes me appear even more like a fool, and mean. It's not even that I even 'like' anyone, but to be fair I am a kinda awkward person. Another thing that adds on to this: FREAKING SCIENCE. I'm not trying to be condescending to guys, but it is scientifically proven that girls mature earlier than guys.

Again, not me, just science. It just makes the borders worse though. Back when we were all immature idiots, it wasn't so bad, but now that the girls are mature idiots, and the guys are still immature idiots(all u humans will always be idiots), from the girls point of view it's 'uncool' to hang out with the immature idiots, and it would make sense that immature idiots would think that hanging out with girls is 'uncool' for obvious stereotypical reasons. I hope that these borders fade away when we all become mature idiots.

I realize that this whole thing was just me complaining about the inevitable realties of lie, but if any human being has actually read this far, then congrats, you effectively wasted your time listening to a middle schooler remind you of the small everyday tragedies of this world. Have a good rest of your day(or night)!!!

Who is your favourite author? on 3/2/2020 7:44:57 PM

To be honest, although I adored the story of the Harry Potter series, I found the magic system inconsistent in a few too many ways. I love the themes and characters, but I am the type of person that needs a good magic system to back up the story. For the many of you who can ignore that: Great! I just don't see why she is so popular.

Who is your favourite author? on 3/2/2020 7:34:17 PM

If someone published this conversation then it would be my new favorite writing! XD

But for author, I've only read a few of his books, but Brandon Sanderson is my dad's favorite author and might be mine too. He writes fantasy, and is author of The Reckoners series, Warbreaker, and like a million others.