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I've been on this site for; 3 months

Here to read cool stories, hopefully write something good, and be an active community member! Pardon my inexperience and ignorance. Thanks everyone who welcomed me, I definitely love this site already! 

People I already like- 


A little about me;
I obviously love Undertale, It's kind of like an inspiration to me in a lot of things, but I also adore xenomorph aliens. Those things are so freaking cool.

Okay, I think It's time to set some goals.

-Dedicate my free time to creating a story game.
-Reach 100 points.
-Reach 50 commendations.
-Earn 1 Trophy.
-Write 100,000 words in my story game.

-Write at most 500,000 words in my story game.
-Reach 5,000 points.
-Reach 500 commendations.
-Become a dedicated, recognized member.
-Participate and win first, second or third in a contest.
-Catch up to MinnieKing in commendations.
-Remain kind and humble!
-Publish a storygame.
-Have a storygame featured.
-Have a storygame with a rating over 6.00.

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One Year CYS Anniversary on 10/22/2017 2:47:59 PM

Happy CYStia anniversary, man.
May the time to come be prosperous and memorable.

Draw My Attention (Reign of the Mini-King) on 9/12/2017 11:45:22 AM

Recommend comment for featuring; Horror Movie Quiz

This was a very well made quiz, with questions that required a horror fan or at least a fan of the people involved in these movies to know, I'm pleased with my final score. 

While there were a few questions that seemed to have answers that weren't really necessary (e.g. 'Who won in Freddy vs Jason'). I found little to no important grammatical errors, so that's a plus! 

There is always room for improvement, too! More choices would have made for a more difficult quiz, and not biased related answers as well (e.g. the Freddy vs Jason quiz again). 

In conclusion, this quiz wasn't the best, but certainly not the worst. With plenty of room for improvement, but it's still playable and fun to do. 
Good job! I liked it. 

-- Comic on 9/12/2017 11:19:40 AM with a score of 67

Best Horror Movies on 9/10/2017 11:49:12 PM

do see their point. The movie contained both horror and thriller elements (thougn most horror movies these days are more thriller than horror).

Best Horror Movies on 9/10/2017 12:27:56 AM

Oh, wow! Thanks! I'll make sure to watch these! They definitely seem interesting!

Best Horror Movies on 9/10/2017 12:05:17 AM

Wow. You went all out on this! I'm genuinely impressed at the commitment. 

I haven't seen about half of those movies you mentioned, but for the ones I do know, I'd definitely have to agree with you! Especially about the 'Aliens' one. Mainly because that's my favorite movie of all time, so I'm pretty biased on the subject of the 'Alien' franchise.

I have yet to see 'Eraserhead', but you've inspired me.

Best Horror Movies on 9/9/2017 6:16:25 PM

I agree. The miniseries was pretty good, even with some rather questionable parts, I enjoyed the first film. It was... well, just about everything you described. And yeah, Seth Green was probably my favorite thing in the whole thing, other than Pennywise, that is.

And as for Aliens... maybe that's why I loved it so much. I do really enjoy action and drama just as much as, or even more than, horror. Concluding on the zombies... they really kinda played themselves out. I mean, I'll still watch the Walking Dead, but that's about it on zombies (Telltale did a good job though).

Best Horror Movies on 9/9/2017 3:30:51 PM

Oh, true! I hate and love that movie, I think It's really as scary as it is because It's one of the most realistic horror movies in the sense of supernatural horror.

Best Horror Movies on 9/9/2017 1:42:41 PM

There's a lot going on, isn't there? With it being hurricane season (and the hurricanes this year are particularly deadly), It's hard not to talk about much else. 
But among other, not as important things, we finally got the reboot of 'IT'. I really liked the movie, and after that, went about, re-watching many old horror movies, like 
'It' (1990)
'Killer Klowns From Outer Space'
'Friday the 13th' series
'Nightmare on Elm Street' series
'Alien' series
'Predator' series

Amongst all of these, I still have much more to watch. But last night, I asked myself; "What's the best horror movie?" Well, I decided to bring up this question here in the lounge, and see what you guys love. What's your favorite horror movie? What about the protagonists and/or antagonists? 

Personally, my favorite horror movie is 'Aliens'. It was a good sequel to the original, still maintaining the horror movie qualities as well as having an interesting story line. And amongst this, my favorite creature is most definitely the xenomorph alien. 

Draw My Attention (Reign of the Mini-King) on 9/7/2017 12:15:02 AM

Recommend comment for deletion and featuring; School and Cool

The story was extremely linear. Sure, it would have diverging choices here or there, but after one or two pages, they'd all return to the same plot line. 
There were also oddly random selections that you used, and each page was rather short. Not a lot to read. You were vague about things that weren't cat related. The grammar, however, was very good, and didn't leave me cringing halfway through the story. 
I recommend that you try a bit harder at your next work, putting more thought, detail and love into it, as well as a non-linear story line. 
Regardless of the cons I mention, I think you show promising potential, and if you really just try, you'll be guaranteed to do better next time!
-- Comic on 9/7/2017 12:11:21 AM

Reason for deletion; I somehow, miraculously, posted two comments? I dunno how, but I did, so I just think it best that one is removed.

Yet another noob on 9/1/2017 1:59:23 PM

Thanks, um... back?