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Commie Thread on 1/24/2018 8:36:12 PM

There are no insults. You're reading too much into this.

Commie Thread on 1/24/2018 8:25:15 PM

You've probably dedicated significantly more time than I have seeing as to the walls of text you keep leaving. I told you responding to you doesn't take long. And I'll keep responding if I feel like it. In the post I was referring to, I wasn't insulting you. It's not my fault that you're so sensitive.

Commie Thread on 1/24/2018 8:13:33 PM

You're arguing against absolutely nothing at this point. I'm not even trying to insult you or troll. And you've earned nothing. I'm indifferent towards you, Steve. I don't see why I'd waste energy hating someone I don't even know.

Commie Thread on 1/24/2018 7:40:52 PM

It's rich that you're saying that I have a need to disagree when your existence on this site has been deliberately starting arguments over stupid stuff. I don't know or care who or what Victim is. I don't see it as an insult as much as it is an accurate assessment of who are based on what I've seen. Then moment I call you that you go on an angry rant and start posting walls of text. You're not treating it like it's nothing. I don't why why you're running through all this 'advice' about how I should insult you in the future. You aren't getting that I find you to be beneath contempt. The internet is probably the only outlet where you can pretend to be hot shit and that's perfectly fine by me. You do you. Also, I haven't, nor will I bother to, read any of your stories because that would be an actual waste of my time.

Commie Thread on 1/24/2018 6:26:41 PM

I'm not going with any approach. Like I keep saying this is just me talking to you without playing a character. It kind of died when I ran out of Latin names to use. And boredom, mostly. It actually doesn't take much time to respond to you, believe it or not. You said it's not the same as a joke because it wasn't humorous, but you failed to realize that a joke doesn't have to be humorous to you to be a joke. So now you're just backpedaling. And you jumping into something you acknowledged as not being serious shows your lack of self control. I don't know how you expect to find success in the legal field if you're so easy to goad into things. With the amount of hate you have for the world I'm surprised you don't look in the mirror wondering why you don't just off yourself now.

Commie Thread on 1/24/2018 5:27:17 PM

I'm pretty indifferent towards this whole thing. That in mind, it is humorous that you're trying to make an argument out of nothing. I've shown neither a positive or negative attitude towards this chat, you interpreting it any other way is on you. As I said, this is just me talking. No persona is being used at the moment. Can't say I remember advocating for slavery, but yeah comedians tend to pretend they are something they're not. I forgot his name, but where was a guy pretending to be an AntiFa member so he could troll Fox News. According to you, he wasn't joking and is no better than an actual AntiFa member. That's absurd. That you broke into an angry rant just proves my point. You have a temper. And you are some fat Irish kid that likes to go online for the sake of starting petty arguments. You admitted this yourself. What you think of me is irrelevant because of that.

Commie Thread on 1/24/2018 2:58:29 PM

I find it humorous that you're taking something so minor so seriously. You're escalating it to the point of absurdity and I'm enjoying watching you flail around to make something out of nothing. And yeah, I've seen comedians do things like that on occasion. Satire seems to go over your head entirely. What you think of me doesn't really matter. You're just some fat Irish kid with a chip on your shoulder. I think you're still engaging because you have poor impulse control and a short-temper. You're seeing this as an argument when this is just me talking.

Commie Thread on 1/24/2018 1:03:07 PM

It is humorous - to me. According to your logic, if someone makes a joke that no one but the one telling it finds funny, then it's not a joke. Maybe the joke wasn't intended for your amusement more than it was for mine. And of course my time has value. You may not see it that way but that doesn't concern me. If this is really a waste of time, why are you still engaging? You're being inconsistent.

Commie Thread on 1/24/2018 12:39:48 PM

It's the same thing, Steve. You're only making a big deal out of it for the sake of argument. Thankfully you aren't the arbiter of what is and isn't a waste of time or the value thereof. Your words don't match your actions either. If I deem something to be a waste of time I simply don't engage. You seem to go in the opposite direction.

Commie Thread on 1/24/2018 12:21:48 AM

That's like saying I'm stupid for making a joke about rape even though I'm not a rapist. You clearly understood that I wasn't being serious in that instance yet you treated it as such. Why waste your time addressing it in the first place? It's like your on a hunt for something to be up and arms about which is a waste of energy. Also, you don't decide what is and isn't a waste of my time.