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Hiya. I'm Dini! I now regret making this my username because it sounds childish. I am not a sick monkey (EndMaster). Just because I played your twisted game called Love SICK!! doesn't mean that I am a demented demon child. I was hoping for a mild kind of romance, but from playing all of your other story games I should have stopped myself. Now, my innocent mind has been ruined.. 

Anyway... I'm an anime addict. Especially when it comes to Pokémon. I'm currently on the Diamond, Pearl and Platinum manga series. 

I am a vivid gamer, and I love to write books. Writing romance is not my passion. Writing books about death, blood, gore... Well, you can clearly see that I love writing about those subjects. I am currently writing a fantasy book about children (who sadly do not die) who discover that there is a great disturbance in the galaxy.. Use the Force Abigail! Well, it's about children who try to defeat evil (like that'll happen.) 

I'm currently working on that pathetic piece of crap whilst I'm trying to balance out my school work. Also, I need a couple of test subjects that I can use for my book. 

Here's an overview of my profile: 

! ) I like playing video games.

2 ) I like writing books about death and gore. 

3 ) EndMaster has ruined my innocent mind. (THANKS! I should have read those stupid warnings.) 

4 ) I'm an anime addict and I love reading the Pokémon Manga. (Don't judge me.) 

5 ) I'm working on my story game, and I need a couple of test subjects! If you are interested, just private message me if you'd like to be my guinea pig. 

That's all. Now stop reading my profile you stalker. Yeesh. 

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New Harry Potter Book #8!!! on 3/15/2017 12:13:24 PM

I have read the book, it's alright but sadly it is in the play form which I dislike. I would still recommend the Cursed Child. 

I'm Newwww on 3/1/2017 4:47:40 PM

Hello... I am new, and I am very excited to create a story! I have a great idea, and I actually wrote out the whole sequence of events which will happen, choices and the plot and characters. 

I just have a question: do you have to insert links to have choices in your story?