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Greetings. I am Dini. I am also known as Cookie, so feel free to call me that. 

Anyway... I'm an anime addict. Especially when it comes to Pokémon. I currently finished the Pearl and Platinum series. I'm a Naruto gal, and a Sailor Moon. Yes. I know some of those shows are retarded. I don't care. 

I am a vivid gamer, and I love to write books. Writing romance is not my passion. Writing books about death, blood, gore... Well, you can clearly see that I like writing books about violence and drama. I'm very close to finishing my "horror" book called Snowy Isolation. 

"Just a couple more pages! C'mon! I can do it!" Hell nah. I can't do it.


I'm currently working on that pathetic piece of crap whilst I'm trying to balance out my school work. Also, I need a couple of test subjects that I can use for my book. 

When I write books, I often play music (Love Me Again by John Newman // We Are Number One "That's a dead meme bruh." - Brother )) Nah. I like to listen to Believer. Wait. Why the hell am I telling you guys this shit? 

Here's an overview of my profile: 

1) I like playing video games.

2) I like writing books about death and gore. 

3) I'm an anime addict and I love reading the Pokémon Manga. (Don't judge me.) 

4) I'm working on my story game, and I need a couple of test subjects! If you are interested, just private message me if you'd like to be my guinea pig. 

That's all. Now stop reading my profile. Stalker. 


Dini's Spooky Tales

There are four short stories which are supposedly fall in the horror genre. Some of them will contain cliffhangers.

 This won't be released anytime soon since I'm on vacation, and the computer that I have access to is extremely slow.

Please tell me what I can improve on, and I beg you, please use proper grammar or I will not even glance at your review.

This is the one of the many projects that I have started. This is not the first story-game that I have created, but I am guessing that this will be the first game which I will publish.

I'm not entirely sure what the maturity level will be. Please leave a review below saying what maturity level this game is in all. Thanks for spending your time on my game. I appreciate it.


Snowy Isolation

It's a horror game and is NOT suitable for all ages. This game is about how demons show up to your house. There are some romance scenes. I will always give the option to skip it, so do not be terrified to play this game. 

FYI: there really is no way to "win" this game. 

Please tell me what I can improve on this game and please rate it. This is my first story game that I have published. 

This really isn't long because I wrote this game in about one hour and thirty minutes or two hours. Keep that in mind. 

Well I'm very eager to get this project off my hand because I strongly dislike it. I ain't deleting this game. I've spent too many hours trying to do this. 



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Sorry for yer loss dude. 

Memorial Day: Now with Communism! on 5/29/2017 1:41:24 PM

Just because they fought in the war doesn't mean they are the only ones who deserve honor and fame. I honestly do like Memorial Day because I get a day off of school. That's the only plus for me. The rest are negatives because there's traffic everywhere and you can't go to Time Square without running into traffic. 

Memorial Day: Now with Communism! on 5/29/2017 1:39:29 PM

I agree with Steve. People who have died for other causes deserve honor too!

New Harry Potter Book #8!!! on 3/15/2017 12:13:24 PM

I have read the book, it's alright but sadly it is in the play form which I dislike. I would still recommend the Cursed Child. 

I'm Newwww on 3/1/2017 4:47:40 PM

Hello... I am new, and I am very excited to create a story! I have a great idea, and I actually wrote out the whole sequence of events which will happen, choices and the plot and characters. 

I just have a question: do you have to insert links to have choices in your story?