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Rogues Praising Thread on 4/11/2019 4:05:01 PM

Definitely. One of the problems of the "dialogue and fighting" story choices is that it can be a bit hard to traverse the story if you want to replay it. This wouldn't be a problem that authors like EndMaster would have to deal with.

I'd be inclined to choose Epilogue 9 since that was the first epilogue that I ever got and it easily one of the better story branches by far. Nevertheless, moving to the island did break the narrative to a degree and in retrospect, made the story feel to be in two parts rather than one over-arching story which seems to be the main objective of the author. Still a great path though.

Therefore, being objective as possible, the best path/s would have to be Epilogue 10 ;for it's many narrative themes, grandiose structure of the characters and scenes and a story of a broken romantic cleverly woven into a epic fantasy conflict and Epilogue 12 ;for being a heartfelt, charming tale in a incredibly grounded setting and a cyclical narrative which didn't feel cliche (hard to pull of in my own opinion) but made complete sense. 

Both of these Epilogue lived up to the title but obviously for very different reasons.

I must retort, which path/s was your favourite and if I may, which path/s were your least favourite?

Well Hello. on 4/11/2019 2:06:10 PM

I'm certainly not that brave!

In all seriousness though, I would like to develop my writing skills for some time and pinch some ideas from others until I'm ready to submit a work here. 

Well Hello. on 4/11/2019 8:01:07 AM

I made an account some time ago but I forget to actually post a welcome thread. Good to meet you CYS and sofar I've really enjoyed my time here.

I think I've always enjoyed the "choose your own adventure" aspect to stories but for the longest time and I didn't even know that there was even a genre for it. I also like how everyone has interpreted the "choice" of Choose Your Own Adventure differently too. Authors like EndMaster seem to focus heavily upon the actual story in relation to choice and letting "secondary" aspects like dialogue and fighting  not be determined by the reader. Or maybe a work like "Dungeon Stompage" which focuses on the mechanics of the story whilst the over-arching theme of the tale seems to matter less or a work like "The Price of Freedom: Innocence Lost" which focuses on the relationships and dialogue between characters rather than the fighting in the arena (though that has changed slightly with the updated version).

I just can't wait to start to read more of the wonderful universes.

Rogues Praising Thread on 4/11/2019 7:30:02 AM

That's an excellent question be it one that I may struggle to answer!. Judging on the few that I've read so far, I've got to say that "Rogues" was probably the best. Superb world building, excellent dialogue  and realistic characters in a realistic setting despite being a fantasty-lite universe. Until then, I hadn't played a "Choose Your Own Adventure" which focused on the adventure rather than the choice so I thought that was neat too. I also thought that the choices given to you were also quite meaningful and heavily impacted the story which is ironically not too common among some of the stories that I've read.


Overall an excellent work by an excellent author.