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This is a fantasy adventure game, full of fighting and quests.

Dan's First Adventure

A short fantasy adventure game.

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Variable ideas on 8/29/2006 3:40:27 PM

That's what I illustrated.  Though maybe not so well.  In a pseudo-script form, what I am doing is something like this:


If RANDOM1 = 1 then go to page "No event"

If RANDOM1= 2 then go to page "Old man"

If RANDOM1= 3 then go to page "Treasure"


* * *

Depending on what the variable RANDOM1 is will determine to what link you go to...




Variable ideas on 8/29/2006 2:48:58 PM

Hi, my name is Danny.

I figured out how to do #2, or at least what I think you mean by #2.

I am using the Advanced Editor.  (This is probably easily done with scripts, but as I have not yet published even a single game, I decided to slowly learn my way through the Basic and Advanced Editors first, as a more of a writer than a programmer.)

Ok, I have two locations, "Edge of Forest.," and another location "Forest Clearing."

When you are in "Edge of Forest" and you click on the link for "Forest Clearing", the game rolls 1D6.

Once you are in Forest Clearing, I have 6 hidden links: "No event," Old Man," "Treasure," "Monster," etc...

Each link has a variable restriction on it so that for it to be visible, RANDOM1 must equal what it is... 1, 2, 3, 4..etc... and you don't see the link unless you get the roll.  So, for example, you only see "Old Man" if you roll a 2. 

After each encounter, you get a link to "Heading back to the Clearing" which has some gorgeous purple prose on it, and which more importantly resets RANDOM1 to zero.  Then at "Heading..." you get the link for "Forest Clearing" again, which again rolls 1D6, allowing for multiple destinations using a single variable. 

-- Danny

.PS I admit this would probably be much easier with scripting, but it works and that's the important thing.