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So here we are. Thought you could just come here, visiting my profile without me noticing, huh? 


You thought correctly. Obviously I have no idea that you are- in this very moment- violating my profile with your eyes. But I got you pretty good there, right? Right?


I know I should be telling a little bit about myself here, but where is the fun in that?

Of course I could tell you about my tiny flat, all the video games I play and how lame I am to only have a few friends in which I rarely hang out with. I just don't see why that is so important. I mean, come on, you're here. All you need to do is read the weird stuff on my profile and you'll know exactly who you are dealing with. Namely someone who is apparently trying to be funny and fails miserably. 

Well, have a good one.




A list of favorite music pieces I listening to while in a thought process of ideas and stories:

Music such as this reach the very core of my being, plays on every emotional string of my mind and breathes fire into my soul.











Chaos Fate: A Blacksmith's Promise

This is a work in progress. 

Under construction.

But that does not mean I can't share a few thoughts about it.


Taking everything into consideration, I hope to build up a good story game that many will be able to enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing it. I hope to bring some personality into the story. I'm aiming to connect the readers with the world, and the characters and thus hope my mission will succeed. For now, the story game is nothing but a hopeful hint, however I want to do you all justice and hopefully create a story game worth your time.

Contains humor, darker themes, fantasy, adventure-ish? (Yeah, not entirely sure if that is the correct word to describe this story)