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I May Be Dumb But... on 1/13/2021 5:34:12 PM

Ohhh I see. Thanks.

Back in Quarantine on 1/13/2021 5:33:35 PM

Hello, fellow Ontarian. My goal is to try not sink further into depression. That's all. Maybe start a game or two. Yay

I May Be Dumb But... on 1/13/2021 5:24:43 PM

I've been gone for a while and recently got a new computer. Now when I edit my storygame, it opens a new tab, instead of a new mini browser. How do I fix this? Maybe I'm forgetting to fix a setting.

Poll: Vault CYS on 6/24/2019 1:12:22 AM


Sorry I didn't know this poll was for the clique only. I'll go back to my hole now.

Poll: Vault CYS on 6/24/2019 12:11:18 AM

KitKatKaity - She's cool.

That's all I can think of atm as I've only really chatted with her. Boring, I know.


Game of Thrones - Season 8 on 5/21/2019 8:50:32 AM

If I would have read that blurb a week ago, I would have thought it was horrible fanfiction someone was trying to pass off as a real spoiler. Wtf does Drogon know about anything? He's a dragon that has killed a child, then took off to do whatever he wanted immediately after. Dumbest shit in the world.

Basically the whole ending felt that way. Cheesy, safe and predictable fanfiction.

Game of Thrones - Season 8 on 5/20/2019 1:07:23 AM

So anticlimactic and way too many long speeches. Felt like at least ten minutes was spent on Tyrion walking around the ruins. 

I was starting to warm up to Sansa again, but then she ruined it with her cockiness... again. 

Also where did Dany get all those new Dothraki and Unsullied from? I thought most Dothrai didn't survive being put out on the front lines.

Final season/episode was so boring and uninspired, but at least it's over and done with. I'm going to sleep.

Game of Thrones - Season 8 on 5/18/2019 10:27:05 PM

Well, they shouldn't let it go to waste. The 4.5 people still left alive should definitely partake. 

Game of Thrones - Season 8 on 5/18/2019 10:16:51 PM

I did. I've now decided mass murderer or not, my username isn't going anywhere (I still quite enjoy it) so I can still have a little fun with my "Khaleesi" moniker.?

Dracarys 4 Life 

Game of Thrones - Season 8 on 5/18/2019 10:12:24 PM

I believe I also said I may change it back if Dany is either killed, or kills any shocking characters.