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Rerunning a script on 1/17/2020 2:01:37 AM

I did try it with the script you posted and without the "AND"s the letter i click on just overwrites the previous letters with the same one. Meaning if i click A then B and then C the click on A creates A the second click on B creates Bb and the third click on C creates Ccc.

Rerunning a script on 1/16/2020 9:48:06 AM

Actually figured out a Way it works all i did have to do is change the script to:

IF %DIGIT01 = 0 AND %CLICKC = 1 THEN %DIGIT01 := 1
IF %DIGIT01 != 0 AND %CLICKC = 2 THEN %DIGIT02 := 1
IF %DIGIT02 != 0 AND %CLICKC = 3 THEN %DIGIT03 := 1
 $DEST := @P10

Rerunning a script on 1/16/2020 5:36:23 AM

I am again trying to create a simpler version of a naming generator. This time I am not only using Variables but also scripts.

So I have created a single page with all the 26 letters as links. Now my idea to go with was to set a rather simple script at each link looking like this.

IF %DIGIT01 = 0 AND THEN %DIGIT01 := 1
IF %DIGIT01 > 0 AND THEN %DIGIT02 := 1
IF %DIGIT02 > 0 AND THEN %DIGIT03 := 1
 $DEST := @P10

The DIGIT variables are the letters of the alphabeth so in this case the 1 gives an output of A. After the link is clicked you get sent to that same page again where you can again make a choice for a letter. How i thought this would work is that the script checks if DIGIT01 has a value of  0 and if that is the case replace that value with a 1 standing for A. That should normally always be the case at the beginning of the game therefore DIGIT1 gets set to 1. The problem I experienced was that the first line of the script sets the value of DIGIT1 above 0 so automatically the next line sends a 1 to DIGIT2 and the line after sends a 1 to DIGIT3.

So far so good so I thought I need to make clear that only the first time you click the button that first script part should work so I changed the script to:

IF %DIGIT01 = 0 AND %CLICKC = 1 THEN %DIGIT01 := 1
IF %DIGIT01 > 0 AND %CLICKC = 2 THEN %DIGIT02 := 1
IF %DIGIT02 > 0 AND %CLICKC = 3 THEN %DIGIT03 := 1
 $DEST := @P10

The variable CLICKC standing for "Click Count" gets higher the more often you click the Link and it can be increased repeadedly. So now it only adds a 1 to that first letter when i click one time. The problem now however is that no matter how often i click the link to add another Letter it only increases the CLICKC variable while my letters stay at 0.

So to come to the real question. If i use a link script, does that link only run that script 1 time or is there someting else wrong?

Editing go back button? on 12/12/2019 1:53:35 AM

The main problem is that if a choice you make changes a variable it works fine if you go on. But if a reader decides "Hey I do not like that outcome" and uses the go back button the variable stays the same as if you made that choice. Or doesn't it?

Editing go back button? on 12/10/2019 10:22:59 AM

Back button in  their browser?

I am either a worse computer user than I thought or I do not see that button in my browser.

Does not each story game open a seperate window? I can see no return button there.


(Never mind found it)

Editing go back button? on 12/10/2019 6:48:40 AM

I have encountered a slight problem with my way of using variables.

The way I'm working with them a certain link will raise a variable by X amount of points. It works well with the normal flow of a game. But what if a choice increases a variable the reader reads the next page but wants to change it over? I assume people would use the go back button to redo the choice.

Can I modify the go back button so it can also change a variable so I could make that one change it back?

Black, Female or Gay? on 12/9/2019 4:43:02 AM

Not sure if anyone still watches this but I just discovered it. So just for the fun of it.

male, white, straight -> female, white, straight

Why that choice? Basically I would just be very interested if I would think differently about some topics if I was born a girl. That would not work out technically because then I would not know how i thought as a guy. So I would have to be changed and not born differently. But also everyone would have to always have known me as a girl. I would not enjoy the hassle of explaining a sudden change to everyone I know.

Variable not working on 12/3/2019 7:26:57 AM

Well i made a workaround by using more variable statements it's just customizable in the beginning with like 4 links so i guess that makes it not that massive.

If you want I can let you take a sneakpeak by activating that on my site.

Variable not working on 12/3/2019 6:57:15 AM

I do know that yes but that misses the point in that exsample. If I close the gender one and then do the name one the name shows up for both genders on the page regardless of what you pick in the beginning. It was meant so that if you chose male gender you get this happening to you. If you chose female something else happens.

Variable not working on 12/3/2019 5:43:44 AM

Hello I have a question about variables. Is it not possible to have a  query inside a query? I basically wanna make my text dependent on gender on some pages and when i do this:

%%GENDER%=%1%As you start sipping your coke quite a cute redhead girl, with green eyes, walks up towards you. "Hi I'm Stacy," she tells you with a smile and extends her hand. "I'm %%NAME%=%1%Bradley%%%%NAME%=%2%Jack%%%%NAME%=%3%Chris%%%%NAME%=%4%Ryan%%%%NAME%=%5%Julius%%%%NAME%=%6%Julia%%%%NAME%=%7%Caroline%%%%NAME%=%8%Mia%%%%NAME%=%9%Linda%%%%NAME%=%10%Sandra%% ," you reply quickly. "Never seen you here before. New in town?" she questions you further. "No just normally not one to visit a dance club." As soon as youve finished one of the army guys walks over towards you. He's quite tall and muscular with blond hair and blue eyes. "Hey I thought you'll just grab a drink babe. Why are you talking to this punk here?" He looks you up and down in disgust. Starting a fight with an army guy while his whole troop is here is most likely a bad idea but i don't want him giving me crap. "Shut the fuck up toysoldier I'm talking to a lady," you tell him. "You better watch your tongue punk before I make you regret your words" he spits at you. You again smile smugly,"Make me."%%

It always messes up the part where im letting the character tell his own name.

When I do only the name part on an empty page it works just fine.