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Predators Arrival (Alien apocalypse/invasion survival)

Warning- This game is still on progress. Please don't think that its lagged or something  

   On an average school day. Thirteen year old John Greene (You) overhears on the news about a  strange signal overheard in space by Nasa. But, what he doesn't expect is a full out alien invasion apocalypse when a colossal missile-like ship crashes in the center of central park New York. A full out alien invasion strikes with hundreds of lizard like aliens of all sizes come running out on a killing spree. As military falls. All survivors fight to scavenge supplies and weapons for their survival. Can a boy survive this all new non-zombie apocalypse? Can he safely protect his family throughout this invasion/apocalypse with no father to help out? Who can you trust? How long will you survive? With one good ending and two somewhat okay endings. This game will give a new feeling of a zombie apocalypse, but with aliens running around on the hunt for their prey.

P.S This is my first game, please let me know if I screwed up on anything like grammar or spelling so I could probably fix it later on, and when I make another game next time. I could probably improve. Thanks. LightbulbHD

Can you find these Easter eggs/weapons I've tried my best to hide?

1. A flamethrower?                                                                                                                     

2. An Ak-47 (Can only be used if your with Sam)

3. A Larry Lightbulb action figure

4. The red-haired girl with the gunslinger skills

5. A machete

6. The ridable Lizard-monster

7. Killer the wild dog