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Hello, help on 9/19/2020 3:57:45 PM

thank you both for responding :) It works when I go to my profil and choose the picture I upload !

Hello, help on 9/19/2020 11:07:47 AM

I add a picture but I can't see it, it means the size was to big ?

Hello, help on 9/19/2020 11:04:09 AM

Thank you very much I just found it ! :D

Hello, help on 9/19/2020 10:33:40 AM

Hello, I juste create an account here because I started to read Eternal and I love it ! I can't wait to discover the other stories ^o^

but I have a problem, how can I add a picture on my profil ? or juste go to the settings of my profil ? Please can someone help me ? And sorry if my english is bad, it's not my first language.