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This is just me testing out the game creation. It will be deleted later.

The Fifth Hunger Games

You are a tribute in the Fifth Annual Hunger Games! Just how will you survive the trials that await you? Will you be victor, or just another casualty of the games? That is entirely up to you.

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Alright, I could use some help with this one on 6/7/2014 3:39:13 AM

I didn't get a PM O.o

Alright, I could use some help with this one on 6/7/2014 3:28:25 AM

Yep, I have my tablet--have some really great games too, Fish Farm 2 being one of my favorites that I actually payed for xD

Alright, I could use some help with this one on 6/7/2014 3:08:11 AM

Hells yes! I could use some ideas--I try not to do cliche stuff like *you are after a rogue bandit, trying to make a living* stuff. If I'm going to work on a CYOA, I want it to have a nice plot for everyone! Also, being my very first one, I'd like to set a precedent for future works--first impressions and all that >>

Alright, I could use some help with this one on 6/7/2014 3:02:35 AM

I'll have to cook up a plot idea (I actually wanted to write a full blown western/fantasy novel mix), but I am pretty sure I can :) I'm a HUGE fan of firefly, which kinda turned me onto REAL westerns later down the road. Red Dead Redemption helped too, I must admit xD

Alright, I could use some help with this one on 6/7/2014 2:59:32 AM

Hmmmmm...I think I could work with that. WESTERN western, or could a crazy crossover idea, like a fantasy/western mix work? ;)

Alright, I could use some help with this one on 6/7/2014 2:56:15 AM

Thanks for the advice, James. I know a LOT of people probably write fan fics (and CYOA too) based on the series in some fashion, but how many write them *well*? That is what I'd like to do--although I might actually hold off on it and make a smaller, simpler project first. I've been thinking on that, but so far have no real ideas that wouldn't be almost as complex :o


The way I want to write it though, it would be VERY labor intensive, but also I would like to hope very good and worth the effort eventually. When I **do** decide to write it, I just might go the way of co-author. In your guys' opinions, is there any particular genera or type of CYOA that this site needs more of? I can write most any genera, and I do love writing so if there's something that there's a need for, I'd be happy to help fill it :)

A Lone Wolf stalks in from the Wilds of ALASKA :) on 6/6/2014 11:21:14 PM

I'm actually new here, Delta--but I have used variations of the name SilverWolf since I was a young teen at other forums. Up until just recently I was a very active member of a website called the RPguild--I was LoneSilverWolf there, and recently posted my goodbye thread--I don't have time to RP --and-- prep for basic training D:


Thanks for the welcome guys, and I can tell from this thread, I will DEFINITELY get along just fine. Some of ya'll be kinda crazy *cough*coin*cough* but I'm a bit wild too :P

A story tree on 6/5/2014 3:50:16 AM

Speaking as a complete newbie to writing these, I LOVE the idea of a story tree. I hope this is implemented at some point :)

Alright, I could use some help with this one on 6/5/2014 3:35:29 AM

I'm trying to put together a Hunger Games fan fiction game. I want to strike a balance between game and book. AND, I want to make it as enjoyable and true to the series as possible--which is why I'm using a year that was never described in the books--the fifth Hunger Games. I want to take the player from the reaping ALL the way to the end of the game, possibly to being Victor if they play properly (I plan on making this VERY difficult to achieve though).

My problem is the sheer SCOPE of the thing. There will obviously be a LOT of choices, and given my total lack of knowledge with variables and scripting, I plan this to be just a simple one at first, picking choices that lead to other things. But, given i want the choices to really make a huge difference, this means there will be a CRAPload of pages. In order for choices to REALLY mean something, I think EVERY choice will have to branch of into it's own story arc, I don't see how I could "re-use" pages like some do.

What do you guys think? Am I making this overly complicated? any ideas? Will this be too big a project for a "simple" game? Also, does anyone have any ideas on what they'd like to see in such a game? I obviously can't make use of stats or items (though when I learn how I want to make an advanced Hunger Games book that does this). Basically, just looking for some advice/ideas for this particular story idea.

A Lone Wolf stalks in from the Wilds of ALASKA :) on 6/5/2014 3:17:31 AM

Well seems I'll fit right in with you furry companions! I intend to make a wolf simulation at some point, and I also tend to...live sort of like a wolf, refering to my girlfriend and I as a "pack," among other things xD. Good to know i'm not crazy. Or, barring that, at least I'll be crazy with other canines! I've always said I'm a wolf at heart xD