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Bossatronians Tale

Mathias's Ultimate Book of Lore and Ideas

This is just a place for me to store all of the concepts I have that I miserably fail at turning into a story.


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A Valentine's Day Thread on 2/14/2018 5:01:53 PM

Feels good to be back for a couple of hours before disappearing again.

A Valentine's Day Thread on 2/14/2018 4:45:26 PM

I'm sad and alone, as you would expect.

Sanitarium! (Collaborative CYOA) on 12/23/2017 5:09:35 PM

I'd say B.

Writing Prompts Week 24 on 12/19/2017 7:44:10 AM

Prompt #1

The Omega Union. Robots gone haywire, killing all biological life in site. At least, that’s what the government says about them, and who wouldn't’t believe it with colonies constantly under attack, military outposts destroyed, ambushed ships.


The Human Race. Killing anything except themselves. At least, that’s what everyone thinks of them, and who wouldn’t think that with resource transports getting captured, the bombing of cities, the relentless attacks.


The Omega Union. Constantly Cowering in fear. Running for their lives. Not knowing if they’ll make. If they’ll escape, before the bomb, if the children will get a chance at life.


The Human Race. Hiding from the killing machines. The ones that “Have come to harvest the scrap, to kill.” Constantly being fed propaganda, unneeded deaths.


I think this is the final version. If I'm needed to explain more, please ask.

Sanitarium! (Collaborative CYOA) on 12/19/2017 6:55:33 AM

C. Like Steve said, if they don't believe us, worst thing that could happen is getting raped anyway.

Sanitarium! (Collaborative CYOA) on 12/18/2017 5:16:35 PM

A. I think the pen could, somehow, end up helping in the end and that taking it is worth the risk.

Possible mobile app for this site on 10/8/2017 9:40:38 AM

Oh, that's a thing. Yeah, no difference then.

Possible mobile app for this site on 10/8/2017 8:11:27 AM

There's the thing where you can't post, but that's not a huge deal.

Bossatronian's Tale (Fan-fic) on 9/27/2017 2:48:44 PM

Hey, this is my second attempt at a decent story. It's a Jakcsepticeye fan-fic, as said in the title. Here we go.


                                              BOSSATRONIAN'S TALE


                                   Chapter One: The Invasion of Bosmun

       As of right now, the Antiseptic Rebellion are attacking a Bossatronian Base moon, named Bosmun.

The King himself was visiting when the invasion started and is currently locked in a panic room in the main building.

This story tells the tale of Blake, a grunt in the military who is far more special then he thinks, but we will have time for backstory later.

The leader of the Special Ops group Blake is in starts to yell.

“Hey! Prepare your weapons! We’re landing on Bosmun!”

Another soldier starts to speak. “Sir, what’s the mission?”

The Captain replies. “Easy! We get in, get King Jack, and get the fuck out! Understood?”

All the lower level soldiers shout at the same time, including Blake. “Understood!”

          They feel the rough pull of entering the atmosphere. As they touch down they instantly hear large amounts of gunfire and explosions.

The soldiers simultaneously grab their guns and follow the Captain out. When they walk out, they're greeted with a large Antiseptic attack squad.

Bullets start whizzing by their faces. As the group scatters two or three of the fifteen man group fall to the ground. Bob and the remaining rush behind a

tipped over vehicle for cover, thinking that they’re safe, but before long a grenade flies over the vehicle, bounces off the landing ship and falls right

next to Bob. As he scrambles to get away a few Antiseptic vehicles start coming right at him. As they’re about to hit him the grenade goes off,

causing him to fly through a windshield, wrecking the entire group of vehicles but the world soon fades into darkness…..

     Blake’s eyes slowly flicker open, revealing a ruined planet, and small amounts of fighting can still be heard in the background. As he slowly

pushes himself up, he notices the wreckage around him, several destroyed building lit on fire, and many more crashed ships and vehicles around. As soon

as he stands up, he hears footsteps. Realizing he had lost his rifle, Blake sighs and gets back on the ground. He doesn’t notice the shard of metal in

his back until he rolls onto his back and gets it pushed further into his shoulder. “Augh! Fuck!”. However, the attack squad comes running immediately,

yelling out.

“Stop! Surrender and you’ll be fine!”

Blake quickly searches his surroundings for a weapon. Luckily, he quickly devises a plan to deal with the enemies.

“Ok, ok! I’m behind these crashed cars!”

    As the enemies come running, Blake hides behind one of the vehicles, a combat knife he found in the wreckage in his hand. When they start to turn the

corner, he grabs the first one, stabs him, grabs his pistol and throws him into the soldier  behind him, the lower half of his body hitting a car.

Blake fires at the next one, with a successful headshot. He pistolwhips the next one, grimacing at the pain of his shoulder. When he thinks he’s going to

win, he gets tackled by the final one. Then, the one he knocked down earlier gets up, grabs Blake's knife, and is about to stab him square in the chest

when the enemy falls to the ground. The one on top of Blake turns around, but quickly dies, too. Soon after, a Bossatronian in a black head to toe Stealth

Suit walks up to him and starts talking.

“You okay, soldier?”

Blake quickly replies. “Yeah, I’m fine.” Although, he once again grimaces at the pain.

“You don’t look like it.”

“I feel fine.”

The Soldier walks up behind Blake and inspects him. Quickly noticing the shard of metal, he yanks it out and sprays the area with something that causes it

to instantly heal it. Blake, confused by how quickly he healed, asks the Stealth Soldier about it.  

“What's that?”

“The spray?”


“It’s some kind of experimental health spray. Glad this version worked, last time I forgot to shake it up some of the guys skin melted off. Ha, pretty

funny, right?”

“Uh.. yeah…. I guess…”

The other soldier lightly laughs. “Yeah… well, where’s your squad?”

“Two are confirmed K.I.A. The rest are M.I.A.”

“Whoo… objective?”  

“We were to go to the main building and rescue King Jack.”

“Yeah, you’re not getting in alone. After your team didn’t arrive we tried to fight our way in, but we’re not getting in without at least a tank.

Headquarters said you guys were the real deal, that Jack wanted one of the soldiers specifically. Don’t remember who exactly. Think I heard the name

Blake. Speaking of that, what’s your name?”

Thoughts start swirling through Blake's head. Why would he want me? I’m not any better than the average soldier…. As Blake continues to think the

other soldier shouts at him again.

“Hey! I’m speaking to you!”

Blake finally responds. “Huh?”

“I wanted to know what your name was.”

“Oh… It’s Blake.”

“Whoa… we need to get you to Jack, now.”

“Why the fuck would he want me?”

“I don’t know, but he does.”

   The soldiers Datapad starts ringing. It looks like a voice call. As Blake looks closer at the screen he notices that the call is with King Jack,

who then starts talking.

“Did you find Blake?”

The Stealth Soldier replies. “Yes. He’s standing next to me right now, actually. “

“Good. I tell HQ to send in some heavy equipment. King Jack out.”

The soldier turns to Blake. “You heard. Let’s go. This way.”

The soldier leads blake towards the small camp near the main building, which is about a five minute walk. When they arrive,

the supplies are already there. Blakes notices three assault cars, three soldier transports, an assault helicopter, and a plasma tank. Upon further

inspection, he notices multiple weapons crates. An RPG crate, A grenade launcher crate, and multiple assault rifle and pistol crates. The Commander,

a youngish looking man, hands him an assault rifle, a pistol and a grenade launcher. He then commands him to go to one of the transports. Blake enters

along with the Stealth Soldier, Commander and a few other soldiers. Blake asks the Stealth soldier what his name is.

“So, what’s your name?”

“Call me Cain.”

“You know why King Jack wants me?”

This time the Commander starts to speak. “Not even the highest ranked people know. Only Jack and his friends.”

Cain questions the Commander. “Really? Is is that secretive?”

"It sure is"

Blakes continues to speak. "So, no one knows? Wonder why."

    They soon pull up to the main building. Blake hears the other soldiers exiting their transports and goes to do the same, but the Commander holds him


"We're staying in. Once the other troops break through, we're going to ram into the building."

Blake, very doubtful, replies."No way that's gonna work. What if they have an RPG or some crazy shit parked right inside?"

"Then we fucking drive through it. King Jack is top priority."

"Fine. This better fucking work, then."

"It will."

Just then, a monitor pops out of the ceiling. It starts a video chat with the Tank Captain. The Captain starts to talk to the Commander.

"Sir, do we attack or wait?"

"Wait for now, we want to take them by surprise."

"Yes, Commander."

After waiting about five minutes the Tank Captain starts to speak again. "The enemy have takes down the first wave."

The Commander replies. "Attack!"

The video chat switches to a live feed off a camera on the front of the tank. It aims at a machine gun and destroys it along with several other enemies. It fires it's second shot taking out a platoon of soldiers. It aims once again at an explosive tank somewhere near the entrance of the main building and fires at it, causing it to explode along with a buggy and another group of enemies. The Tank starts to advance but hits a mine and explodes, it's barrel flying at the building. The Commander gets an aggravated face and starts to yell.

"Floor it!"

Blake interrupts him. "Are you crazy? Do you really think we can make it through?"


"Then why don't you request another tank?"

"There isn't enough time. The Antiseptic fleet is about to reach Bossatronio. It will arrive in approximately 2 days."

This time Cain starts to speak. "Why didn't we know about this?"

The Commander replies. "I myself only learned an hour ago."

"I'm higher ranked th...."

"No, you aren't, unless you're under cover or something. So, if you want to be smart with me, you'll get your mind blown. Literally. Alright, now drive for real."

The vehicle starts to drive, passing the wreckage of the tank. The driver starts to shout.

"Things are going to get bumpy!" Almost immediately after that, they hit someone, and another, and a crate, and... a mine? The back of the vehicle is blown upwards. Blake flies forward, and looks out a hole in the back. H sees an Antiseptic soldier who then shouts "Should've worn a seatbelt, motherfucker!" and proceeds to shoot at the craft, but doesn't do any major damage. The vehicle hit the door, rolls, and hits a wall, proceeding to catch on fire. Blake coughs and looks around. He sees the Commander but Cain is nowhere to be seen.

"There! There they are!" After thinking for a minute, Blake concludes that these are enemies. One looks through the hole in the back of the craft and is about to fire when his head rolls off his neck. Another one screams and a body can be heard being thrown against the craft. Then, a green energy blade is cut into the door and makes a round opening, Jedi style. Once the door falls back, Blake can instantly tell that the person is King Jack himself. Before Blake can speak Jack shoots the Commander several times in the head and shortly after says "Lets go."

Although, Blake quickly spills out his questions.

"Why'd you shoot him?"

"No witnesses."

"Of what?"

"No one can know I lied about being locked in the panic room."

"Why did you lie?"

"To get you here."

"Why do you want me here?"

Jacks walks over to him and helps him up. He then puts his hand on Blake's shoulder and starts to speak. "Because you are far more special than you think, Brother."

Hello everyone! on 9/11/2017 2:46:35 PM

Hey, welcome to CYStia! Hope you enjoy your stay here, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask me.