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In a world ruled by four major wolf packs, one for the North, one for the South, one for the East, and one for the West, you are a young wolf named Jaybu who is expected to travel to an ancient cave that many before him have gone to, and many before have received their true names, and hints about their future, if they wish to decipher these tidbits.

Now, it's your turn to travel to the cave, along with two travelling companions named Tiki and Remza.

But, it isn't exactly an easy journey, as the four wolf packs are at war, making any trip, no matter how short, very dangerous for small groups.

The adventure doesn't end there, though, for when the three companions enter the cave and receive their names, the cave grows. It expands and becomes even longer, with two new statues added to the already large amount of previous heroes and villians before them. Will you be able to find out who's the hero and who's the villian, or will it be too late, and the packs will crumble under their rule?