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The only thing that really matters in the end is how many people show up at your funeral.



The Alaskan War

Disclaimer: I know little about history and politics, so if you're looking for a "realistic" story then this isn't the story for you.

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Stan Lee Died on 11/14/2018 3:51:55 PM

I can't seem to figure out who owns what in the Marvel Entertainment "hierarchy" of sorts aside from the CEO Isaac Perlmutter. Stan Lee sure had some sort of role in the franchise, the question is who will take his place and I suppose "inherit" all that he owned in the company?

Stan Lee Died on 11/12/2018 4:01:59 PM

I was having a little discussion with someone on Discord about who now owns (or will soon own) the Marvel's Comic Book stocks and assets. I personally don't know who will. Maybe one of you could answer this question? (or at least try to?)

Eternal Fucktard on 11/5/2018 4:22:00 PM

This was worth my time

Swearing on 10/30/2018 4:03:29 PM

It'd be nice if you learned proper grammar and punctuation.

But I'm not angered or attempting to fight him. You are right; we all need to calm the fuck down.

Swearing on 10/30/2018 3:41:26 PM

"Because you're a fucking awful"?


1000 Awesome Things on 10/26/2018 1:16:27 PM

Yes, actually, it is; overexaggeration is a form of satire. It was also partly sarcasm, which is also a form of satire

1000 Awesome Things on 10/26/2018 1:05:23 PM


1000 Awesome Things on 10/24/2018 4:30:24 PM

Why stop at slavery? I could probably double the length of that list if I really wanted to just by starting with slavery. It could escalate to things like genocide or even mass extinction. Hell, why not end all life as we know it? Nuclear bombs are by far the greatest invention in history and we don't even bother to use them? What's up with that?

1000 Awesome Things on 10/24/2018 4:24:35 PM

To me it was just interesting enough to bring up is all. Not inspiring, but not boring, just mildly interesting.

1000 Awesome Things on 10/24/2018 4:01:02 PM

It has its ups and downs