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Minecraft The Story Begins

This is a sorta serious story? Not really, it's mostly supposed to be like real life but ya, definitely not 100% accurate to real Minecraft. Enjoy fellas :3
That was supposed to be a cat face not a kiss face.
I can kinda tell it's a kiss face...But mostly a cat face. Wait can i go online and copy and paste a cat face lemme try........ (=^?ω?^=)  There.. (=^?ω?^=) (=^?ω?^=) (=^?ω?^=) (=^?ω?^=) (=^?ω?^=) (=^?ω?^=) (=^?ω?^=) (=^?ω?^=) (=^?ω?^=) (=^?ω?^=) (=^?ω?^=) (=^?ω?^=) (=^?ω?^=) (=^?ω?^=) (=^?ω?^=) (=^?ω?^=) (=^?ω?^=) (=^?ω?^=) (=^ω^=) (=^ω^=) (=^?ω?^=) (=^?ω?^=) (=^?ω?^=) YAy thiS so AwSoMe! uhhhh why are there eyes question marks?..Nah its fine, im sure no one will notice. [Everyone noticed] Crap.

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Need story ideas on 9/21/2018 10:17:19 AM

Thanks dude.




I found this site at school on 9/19/2018 11:47:57 AM

Hey i live in Texas too your only 7 years older than me.

A little help for you :) on 9/19/2018 11:21:34 AM

Hi McSloth i have the same problem to but i don't no if im right. Ok i think the only way you can do it is just keep putting the picture back until you post it or just put the pictures in later Its not that helpful but it is a guess.

No Problamo on 9/19/2018 11:04:35 AM

Thank you

by the way new post in the chat room.


Need story ideas on 9/19/2018 11:04:14 AM

By the way if anyone has any ideas for more story's id like to hear it,running short on ideas.

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Thanks BerkaZerka.Im still working on my first story ever.

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No Problemwink




Wow that is a kinda dome emoji i put there.

Need Help? on 9/18/2018 2:56:21 PM

Does any one need help or anything? I be happy to help