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The Axis Program

This is supposed to be a short story meant to show people my ideas and writing style so I can become a member of this community. If you have any thoughts or criticisms, feel free to leave them below.

You start as a boy named Jayson who lives in the year 2370 A.D. He leads a fairly average life, at least, as average as you can, being the son of a space general. A short tale telling the
Story and Uprising of Jayson Erigon, this story isn't one to be missed. As my first story game, it isn'tt meant to be the biggest or best, just one to express my ideas. You can Achieve four endings:

The good ending, indicated by a GE on the last page

The selfish ending, indicated by an SE on the last page

The bad ending, indicated by a BE on the last page

The evil ending, indicted by an EE on the last page.

Have fun and enjoy!