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Scraping for data for a project! on 3/13/2021 1:34:01 PM
I appreciate the confirmation that there is a way to do this but it would really help if you pointed out what that was, even just the name of the method is enough. While I am definitely not an expert (or even remotely close to that) I am also very confident that I'm "up to coding an AI" because the whole point of this project is to learn. If I don't know something, I'll learn it. To that effect, once again, if you do know of the way to do it please let me know. Thanks for the well wishes.

Scraping for data for a project! on 3/13/2021 1:09:48 PM
Just to clarify, the data will not be used publicly, commercially or be spread anywhere at all whether through the game or otherwise. It is solely for my coursework in class and is not permanent by any means, I now understand that the consent issue here is quite iffy so I'm going to reconsider using this platform. Other than that, thanks for clarifying about the choices. I was previously getting data while navigating the choices and I see that's the only way. I have tried looking for AID's data but it's hard to find anything fantasy related, it's all mundane stuff. I'll look some more anyway, thank you!

Scraping for data for a project! on 3/13/2021 9:23:44 AM
Hey guys, so I'm very new to this website and I was hoping to get some help with some data I'm trying to collect. I'm trying to create a fantasy AI agent for an RPG game sort of like AiDungeon and decided this was a nice place to get the fantasy text I need. But I'm having an issue with getting just the text from the stories, is it possible to get just the text without going through the choices? This may be a noob question, sorry I'm very very new to the site.