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Some short info about me-

One this profile and the zomb story are shared by a friend I DID NOT WRITE THE ZOMB STORY!!

Two I enjoy all kinds of criticism as I want to learn from my mistakes

And finally all other storys besides the zomb story were made by me




A Journey North

The outbreak has happened people are dying and the world is getting harder to live in

The way out?

Oral a revolutionary hotel built at first with the purpose of housing rich individuals and now the people of USA last hope

The problem is your family lives over 1000 miles away from the Oral. To make the journey with your family you will be faced with difficult choices which may kill you.

So what story will you choose?

By Skeltro105 inspiration from a friend 

The Last Moment

You were driving home one day when you swerved to avoid a speeding car and ended up on a cliff teetering over the edge. With no way out of the car you spend what could be your last moments of life in a curious environment as you prepare to die.

By Skeltro105 


This is what would be considered a "short story" it does not have many pages at all but some of the writing will take a while to read. I chose to make it short as this was simply something I worked on every once in a while in school and I never intended it to be long like some of the other storys I'm working on. This story is about how sad, afarid and humilated a person can be when they are about to die

Zombpocalypse v1.4

Survive the zombie horde!
Your trapped in a city in the midst of a zombie horde what are you gonna do? Find out now!

This story was made by a friend brought to you by Skeltro105 

NOTICE: This story is constantly being added onto, and updated. This document is not complete, so do not expect a full story

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So I just a got a little notfiction saying I got a RPS choice what excatly are they?

Can you edit a story after its posted? on 5/23/2019 11:09:06 AM

thanks i don't care much about the ratings or comments just want to share my story to others

Can you edit a story after its posted? on 5/23/2019 10:40:13 AM

Been wondering this, my whole story has hit 11K words but its still far from completion i was wondering if i could post it and let others enjoy what can be played right now but i would still be able to add to it while its published

Pls help