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You may have guessed that I like Sherlock Holmes.

Call me Via. I've had other accounts before, although all of them have been long forgotten, but now I'm back! So. Yeah. There's that. Currently I'm working one only one storygame, a murder mystery. We’ll see how it goes.

I do have one published storygame now, so... yay!


Blackwell's Diamonds

Edmund Blackwell, world-famous treasure hunter and your uncle, has asked you to house-sit his mansion for the weekend. But on your first day there, you enter your bedroom and are shocked when the door automatically locks behind you! Make it through a series of escape rooms to find Blackwell's most precious treasure, the Diamonds of Karpathos, and free yourself from the mansion.

I would highly recommend playing with paper and pencil on hand. Unless you have a perfect memory, write down EVERYTHING that seems important.

All droppable items are only used once. You can keep them if you want, but your inventory will get really full.

The Blind Waltz

It’s 1924 in Hemlock, New York, a city running rampant with criminals and miscreants. Take the role of the newest member of the small police squad as you investigate the murder of Kirby Speltzer, a young man who seems to have some dark secrets and dangerous connections that will make your quest a difficult, perilous endeavor...