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Honor Among Thieves
You're Caelani, a member of the Thieves' Guild coming back from a job when an unexpected incident and an innocent desire to help catapults you into danger. My entry for Bucky's Year's End contest. This is my first story in a realistic fantasy setting. That seems to be the most popular here so I'll write more like this if the feedback is good.

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IWT 13: The Resurrection on 1/21/2020 5:03:21 PM
My story is already as long as Honor Among Thieves was, and I still have almost three months to add to it. I've unpublished Honor Among Thieves by the way, but it's still in my profile. Thanks again to everyone who wrote reviews, when I write the new Redlion story it will be a lot better.

Important CYS Invasion Assignment on 1/14/2020 9:58:53 AM
Yes!!! I'm rich!

Important CYS Invasion Assignment on 1/14/2020 9:15:24 AM
I rated all the stories and I'm already on the forums.

IWT 13: The Resurrection on 1/12/2020 7:39:38 PM
I joined after all. Do we need to make story threads?

100 Words or Less on 1/12/2020 9:02:03 AM
XD I didn't mean it like that, but the idea is from a story I started on Infinite Story yesterday. Maybe I could replace dryads with kangaroos.

IWT 13: The Resurrection on 1/12/2020 9:00:13 AM
Interesting site, thanks for the link. I want to enter but then I'd have three stories to write.

CYS Mentor Program - (Beta) on 1/12/2020 7:50:44 AM
This an interesting idea but I don't think I can be online often enough to do it. I wouldn't mind helping out a newbie, but maybe later if this is still going and after I have time to get out a longer story for an example. My parents are just so stupid about my laptop, I could be writing 10 pages a day but they think it's "healthier" to sit in a room full of noisy idiots or watching something made for stupid people on the TV that they're not even watching anyway because they're busy being noisy idiots.

Protectors of Redlion - New Story on 1/12/2020 7:33:58 AM
I'll link it in here i mean, I know not to publish a demo.

Protectors of Redlion - New Story on 1/12/2020 7:33:32 AM
She's only that way because of what happened to her dad. The story will go more into this. After the first page it jumps ahead 2 months. I'll put up a demo when the first chapter is done, the part that leads to choosing Thieves' Guild or the Guards.

Protectors of Redlion - New Story on 1/12/2020 7:30:37 AM