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Hiya , the names Skye :) I'm your average teenage  ... well if your average is : 

 Crazy  Insane

~Huge reader


~ Argumentative 

~Loves a joke


So yeah. I'm not too interesting .

Just an insane girl , living an insane life.


Little more about meh:

~So I've only just recently became a fangirl (like a year ago)

~My fandoms (atm) include:

-Harry Potter


-Hunger Games

-Mortal Instruments/ Shadow-hunters 

-Alice in Zombieland 

~ I love to sing and to draw (Even if i do get stressed alot)


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A Tale of Forbidden Love

Elizabeth-Rose , an Angel , has been granted one wish by God for being most loyal to him. That wish? Well , she chose to be able to live in the mundane world. Her best friend , Jonathan , also got the chance to go down with her .

What a mistake that was...or was it?

During her time in the mundane world she does not just get a taste of a human life but more of a...well , I'm not going to tell you. You will have to find out for yourself 


Just a little note from me xD
I am only 14 years of age so I may not have the capacity of writing or skill level some of you may wish for. I am sorry if this is the case. Also , this is my first game.
I have put all my effort for this and would love to hear any improvements people may have.

The logic quiz

Just a little quiz to put your logic to the test.

This is just a little game I made to see how the advanced editor works. Hope you enjoy and please leave comments on how I can improve.