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Coding on 5/8/2017 12:05:52 PM


Coding on 5/8/2017 12:23:41 AM

Can you do 'IF' equations on For example, if the player choices more answers for one group of variables then a certain page comes up.

Coding on 5/6/2017 3:11:08 PM

THANKS REALLY. Killa_Robot thanks really for all yor help. I figured out what was wrong.

Coding on 5/6/2017 12:49:21 PM

did that

Coding on 5/6/2017 12:44:20 PM

Is there a limit on how many pages a chapter can have? Cause when I go passed eight, the game said that input error.

Coding on 5/6/2017 12:30:22 PM


I haven't published my game yet.

Links and Pages on 5/6/2017 1:39:54 AM

For links, could you make it so authors or authoress can copy a link on one page and add it to another? It would make it so much simple when the authors or authoress wants the player to input a name for their character. Could you do the same for pages too? 

Thank you Very Much,


Coding on 5/6/2017 1:19:58 AM

Did that. (signs) I put the change of value in to make MALE to be 1 and FEMALE to be 2.

Coding on 5/6/2017 1:12:17 AM

I am doing a story and I'm kind of new at this. My first page starts the story and at the end of the page I have two links one says Female and one says male, I have made a variable called GENDER1 and set the min value as 0 and Max value as 2 and the starting value at 0. I wrote this into my next page, %%GENDER1%=%1%MALE%%%%GENDER1%=%2%FEMALE%%, thinking when I click the link in my game it will show what I clicked but It just came up blank. Can you help