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Hello!  I'm CrystalKitty!  I am a pretty good writer.  I can also sing well.

I like Pokemon, Undertale, and the internet!

If I see a dog, I will make a pterodactyl noise so loud it will break the sound barrier.


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I think the best thing the internet can offer me is YouTube, and I think overpopulation is bad (obviously) and we can just stop it by not having kids and adopting kids instead if you really want them.

Wildest experiences on 2/12/2018 5:45:13 PM

Sorry for the late reply.

I am a very nervous, anxious person.  I get scared easily.  So people at haunted houses take it up a notch when scaring me, which is great with me, because I love being scared.

Every year, me and my Dad go to a haunted house called Hangman's House of Horrors.  Well, it's not really a haunted house, more like three.  I think how it works is you have a group that goes in the "main house", and while you wait for your group's turn, you go through two other "appetizer houses".  And, as a bonus, there are people walking around outside the houses.

There's this one guy who walks around outside the houses, and in my opinion, he's the scariest person there.  I call him Clay because he looks sort of like the gym leader Clay from Pokemon Black and White, but scarier, and he has a sledgehammer.  He takes full advantages of how much of how much of a scaredy-baby I am and chases me around, and lately, I think he has been actively seeking me out.

So one year, he was chasing me, like usual, when I ran into a dead end.  He marched up to me and said he wanted to take a picture with me, and that was why he was chasing me.  So my Dad took a picture of us together, and I ran off.  It seemed like we were friends now, and we wasn't going to chase me anymore.

We went through all the appetizer houses like usual, but then came the main house.  In the very last room, there he was.  Dad said "I think he wants us to follow him."  So we followed him out of the house.

At the end of the main house, once you get outside, there are always people with chainsaws that you have to get past.  He sent them after me and he stood back and watched, his face devoid of any emotion.  I just stared at him in disbelief.  He had betrayed me.

I finally gathered my courage and narrowly escaped them and jumped over the black tape that dictated my path like a weird ballerina.  When I finally looked back, Clay shouted after me, "No, come back! You didn't go through right!"  Hesitant, I slowly walked back, and then ran through again, this time not jumping over the black tape.  I turned around and shouted, "I thought we were friends!"  And he shouted "Are you back-sassing me?"  He marched after me and I quickly ran away.  After I lost him, my Dad stopped to buy me a t-shirt and I was paranoid as heck the whole time that he was still looking for me.  We didn't see him after that, though.

And that was the best night of my life.