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This Thing Of Ours

joseph Trapani was Born in 1922 in Northern New Jersey To Dominique and Connie Trapani he has 2 brothers Donnie and Frank. Joseph's father was an associate in the Stracci Family he he helped run there gambling dens and some of there smuggling, Joe's older brother Donnie left for Brooklyn when Joe was young they still are close he's brother Frank is addicted to heroin and stays with his mom and dad in Jersey. When Joe was old enough he left he's family and joined his Brother Donnie in New York but he could only find an apartment in Little Italy on the Bowery he's brother is made man in the Tattaglia family witch he's father hate's but Donnie does not care, He set Joe up with the Bowery boys in Little a group of thieves who pay tribute to Johnny Tattaglia, This is where you are now working at the bottom of the barrel you have to choice's stay where you are and work your way up in the Tattglia Family or return to Jersey and work for your father and the Stracci Family. the choice is yours.