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Hey guys, I'm a 14 soon 15 kid going on to test my writing skills for my GCSEs. I've always enjoyed making games and even game books. This is new to me though. I've never done it online and plus I have always made games where you record your spells, health and other stuff.

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This is my first proper game on this site so tell me if you have any problems. Basically you are born into the world of Pandora and have the choices to take different paths in life. You can build up a team of renegades and fight the enemies of the people or turn tyrant and seek darkness as your ally. There are 10 endings and 3 epilouges. Note that you play as yourself and cannot have full control over your party. Best of luck, sighned Jordan

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Help me with items please on 2/7/2013 7:07:18 AM

Yes i have used advanced editor and have already procreated items. its just that i was using my phone and it wouldn't allow me to add the stuff. Thanks anyway

Help me with items please on 2/5/2013 8:56:21 AM

how do i add items to a page