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status : digging Paris' online Archives to write a story about WW1

Honestly, there's not much I need or want to say about me. Long time lurker, currently writing my first storygame, which will be accessible in sneak prev. One day.

current improvement objectives:

- general English

- pace in description and sentences length


Well, I guess that's all; feel free to pm me if you have a question or for any other trivial matter.

quotes that inspire me :

- "I know, when time comes, to leave the lion's hide to take one of fox " - Napoleon Bonaparte
- "Under the unending avalanche of trivial information, no one knows where to find interesting ones" - Bernard Werber (french writer)

"Ceux qui vivent, ce sont ceux qui luttent ; ce sont
Ceux dont un dessein ferme emplit l'âme et le front.
Ceux qui d'un haut destin gravissent l'âpre cime.
Ceux qui marchent pensifs, épris d'un but sublime.
Ayant devant les yeux sans cesse, nuit et jour,
Ou quelque saint labeur ou quelque grand amour.
Ceux dont le coeur est bon, ceux dont les jours sont pleins.
Ceux-là vivent, Seigneur ! les autres, je les plains.
Car de son vague ennui le néant les enivre,
Car le plus lourd fardeau, c'est d'exister sans vivre."


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50 words story thread. on 12/12/2018 6:18:34 AM

NB: I didn't choose the subject. also, I should tag @Mayana and @lordkarstark too, because reasons.

50 words story thread. on 12/12/2018 6:15:58 AM

Over the world, causing chaos.
With his two wings,
Weakness he brings.
When love is pure, he yields pathos.

You think, he must cause aversion
And surely he’s hateful,
Maybe he’s deceitful,
and truly a frightful vision.

Well, he never terrifies,
It’s simply a butterfly!

Damage Control. on 12/11/2018 6:11:37 PM

The mc frames a journalist by uploading some pictures, and by making a anonymous report to discredit him and probably prevent him to write an article . The journalist is in a train, hence the opportunity to make an anonymous report, and to be sure cops can arrest him easily. The public wifi in trains is also know to offer no security at all.


50 words story thread. on 12/11/2018 4:33:17 PM

oh, the character evolution is interesting . Good moment and place to have an existential crisis :p

A bit of context on 12/11/2018 12:33:34 PM

tl;dr in bold
I'm mainly speaking of what impacted Macron's ratings negatively. The main positive things for him were his foreign policies and appearances (like the "make the planet great again" bs)

My hypothesis is that the strikes are coming from - or at least are mainly fueled by the distrust in the political class, and against the government. The anger from the taxes is there, obviously, but I'm not sure there is something to be said about it.

  • may 2017 : Macron is elected, held in high esteem by the medias, hated by few and liked by some . Takes office immediately (that's how it works in France) and have the support of some really popular personalities (in sciences, environment, and culture)
  • sept 2017 :
    • his majority pass a lot of laws that: add leniency to companies when firing people,  diminishes the power of unions, weakens the labour legislation 
    • people get angry , but his election being quite recent his approval ratings are quite unscathed
    • he makes some snarky comments against protesters and unemployed, seen as "talking truth" by some medias
    • fires the Chief of defence because the guy said he disagreed with the budget. That's seen as unjust/as a proof of strength
  • sept 2017 - april 2018 : more snarky comments, sometime against the whole nation.
  • 1may 2018 : one of the bodygard - security chief of macron working for his party is seen dressed as a cop (illegal), beating up two seemingly innocent bystanders during the traditionnal demonstration on national labour day . The investigation is botched, the guy ordered three cops to destroy evidence, ask a friend to break the police seal and hides some weapons, etc. The senate and the National assembly launch probes, and the majority botch the one from the national assembly.
    • macron does not react. and finally throw some snarky comment
    • macron adds that he  "assumes" the responsability. But he has presidential protection against all inquiry and can't be prosecuted. He throw a provocation "If they want someone to be held responsible, he is standing in front of you. Come and get me ". oh boy.
  • june-august : some public college president let far right militia(with crowbars and bats) enter a building to kick the asses of demonstrating students. Someone fall in coma after falling from a building . 
    • the governement fail to respond to that, and is quite criticized

and that's where the shit hits the fan. His ratings take something like -8 (wich was still ok-ish)

  • 4 september: 
    • the minister of ecological transition, former tv star, loved by all (really) resigns on air , claiming he was fighting for ecology alone, without any regard or help from the rest of the gov. He mainly blames the people, saying that if everyone was involved the gov would have helped him. And that the lobbys destroyed every hope of progress in this part.? French people are getting pissed. That's another -10 for the president.
    • the highschoolers dislike their reform 
  • 11 november
    • macron pay respects to a WW1 "hero" that received "national indignity" and had been sentenced to death(not applied) for colluding with the Third Reich and helping them deporting and killing jews.

And this was a fucking mistake. Pétain is the personification of the shameful collusion with hitler and I can't empathize enough how he's despised. Bringing his name to a discussion with French people is probably the worst thing you can do. Worse than just saying we got our asses kicked and surrendered quickly.

At the same time the gas is getting really expensive, around 6$/gal and macron is seen as an arrogant fucker, now most despised political figure in France, according to some polls. with around 27% approval.

some retards make a Facebook page saying we should block the country the 17 nov, and voila, someone lit the powder barrel. 

Damage Control. on 12/11/2018 9:53:10 AM

well... calling from his computer would have been harder to write in a few words. Besides, if the computer is a laptop, and the phone prepaid , if the character is not too far from the victim (say, in a van parked in the station's parking) it would be less weird than having a voip / tunneled call. A foreigner could have bought a prepaid phone at the station where he took the train and the call would come from the right antenna. Especially If the mc is working for a gov that can botch this part of the investigation. 

Damage Control. on 12/11/2018 9:19:46 AM

He typed a few sentences. Copied and pasted some pictures from a file, his face showing some slight disgust seeing the thumbnails. Clicked on “train_background.wav” and grabbed his phone.

“hello, I would like to report something …”

That nosy journalist would be surprised to see policemen waiting on the platform.

50 words story thread. on 12/11/2018 8:22:19 AM

Yeah, that's the case ; might have misused "last stand" , mb

50 words story thread. on 12/11/2018 6:22:49 AM

I have to admit I counted them ... 
The second strophe was unexpected, I was picturing a duel and even misread procrastination as provocation , and understood "drawing her close" as literal close range where she lost the fight in melee ^^


50 words story thread. on 12/11/2018 5:38:28 AM

Glad you liked it! Well I pictured them feeling some kind of "last stand" pride, given they hate their enemies and that the speech helped them steel their heart for what's to come.