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The dangers of conspiracy theories...

You`ll be playing as a Stella, a girl in her 3rd year in high school. Stella gets bullied for her presentation on a conspiracy theory - about reptilian aliens. You chose how this story goes only thing that`s for sure; She wants to have her revenge. But how? By proving they`re real or by inflicting a more direct form of karma?

The Queen

Your mother is the kings sister. You`re getting married of to a spoiled & often insolent prince, to "clam you down." Will you do as you`re told...Or will you take fate in your own hands when the opportunity presents itself?

Your life?

You`re one of 5 boys or 5 girls. Each character have a different background and diffuculties. 

one might end up in a cave another in an airplane it all depends on your choices 

What you do now and how you interact with other people will change their behavior towards you... hopefully in a positive way...

(I take no responsibility, the pictures in this game/story isn`t mine and I take no credit for them and I`m sorry for my lack of comma and spelling mistakes ^-^". This games break some laws (Eg. kidnapping, violence and more), it`s not something that should be done in real life!