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Here's a few online tools I've found recently that I like to reference while writing or just found useful/informative in general.
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When a young family moves into the sleepy little town of Daphne, they find themselves in a virtual utopia. The small cottage they move into is lovely, but not so old that it has problems. The people are all friendly, a close knit town with a population of only 300. Both of the family's daughters begin to make friends in their new school and the husband and wife find themselves entranced with the romantic scenery.
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2 Minutes Hate: Now with omnidirectional vitriol! on 11/29/2019 9:10:40 AM
Oh this gave me a nice chuckle to go along with my morning coffee. I bet she had a meltdown in their discord about it, did anyone manage to witness it?

Chopped II: Sauget Illinois on 11/29/2019 8:50:41 AM
Sorry for the belated reply, but yeah that sounds great!

Chopped II: Round II on 11/22/2019 11:12:59 AM
Dish: Canape Sampler (Caprese Crostini with Roasted Cicada Crumble, Smoked Octopus? Tartar on Sweet Potato Chip Canapes, and Peach Raccoon Bacon Canapes) Ethel smiles to herself, the ingredients are absolutely perfect! She had been hoping for ingredients that would work for canapes in the appetizer round. Hurrying to gather her ingredients she wastes no time. Firing up her smoker, she adds the wood chips to get it going just right. In the last round, her success had been with the judges, but she now knew that the audience and wandering food critics were just as important. She never makes the same mistake twice, that's how she's made it to such a ripe old age after all! The octopus slithers about as she pulls it from the can, saving the juices leftover for later. The creature is difficult to kill all right, but Ethel goes to town on it with vigor ill-fitting of her age. Chopping the writhing mass of octopus? until it is finely diced she scoops the finished product in a large deep pan that she then places in the smoker. For her cicadas, Ethel spreads them whole on a baking sheet and puts them in the oven to bake thoroughly. Next, she begins working on the raccoon meat. Breaking down the animal she cuts the meat into strips which she then drapes over the rotating racks in the smoker. Bacon, even when made out of raccoon meat, is best when smoked after all. Next Ethel begins slicing the sweet potatoes with her mandolin, getting the chips very thin so that they will crisp up perfectly. These she spreads out on sheet pans with olive oil drizzled on top and a sprinkling of octopus? juice and a little bit of brown sugar. Putting them in the oven, she then gets out her bread. The baguettes are crusty, just the way she needed them to be! Slicing them up she also arranges them on sheet pans before brushing them with extra virgin olive oil. They just need to toast a bit. Ethel hums to herself happily as she fires up the grill, putting a griddle pan on top of the flame. Pulling out the bacon from the smoker, she begins frying up the strips. She adds a dash of octopus? juice to the pan, watching it flame up for a moment before settling down as the bacon soaks up the salty liquid. The raccoon bacon sizzles pleasantly as Ethel begins to peel and slice peaches. She alternates grilling peach slices and flipping bacon in the pan. Bringing out the cream cheese she sets it in a bowl so she can grind rosemary leaves in her mortar and pestle. Next, she combines the two together to create a rosemary cream cheese mixture. Once that's done she begins putting a generous spread of cream cheese over half of the toasted baguette slices followed by a drizzling of honey. She then carefully places a slice of grilled peach right in the middle. The sweet fruit has a lovely color contrasted by the dark grill marks. As the final touch, Ethel breaks the bacon into small pieces and arranges them aesthetically around the peach slice. The cream cheese holds them in place. For her next canape, she takes the other half of the toasted baguette slices and tops them with a generously thick slice of fresh mozzarella cheese. Taking out the roasted cicadas, she spreads them on a cutting board, Ethel uses a fork to break them up into crumbles and puts them in a bowl. She then brings out her roma tomatoes and slices them up, placing the slices on top of the mozzarella as she goes. Once all the baguettes are topped, she sprinkles black sea salt and pepper on top and puts them back in the oven to bake. While they bake, she slices up fresh basil leaves and gently stirs them into a mixture of balsamic vinegar, and extra virgin olive oil. Once the mozzarella and tomato topped baguettes have crisped up and the mozzarella just the right amount of melty, she pulls them from the oven. Sprinkling the roasted cicada crumbles on top she then drizzles the balsamic mixture over it carefully. Now for the grand finale! Ethel brings out shallots and begins to mince them thoroughly, she also finely chops some capers before putting it in a very large mixing bowl. Next, she pulls the smoked octopus? from the smoker and gently scoops it into the bowl as well. She then adds mustard and zests a lemon before juicing it and adding the liquid to the mixture. Combining it gently, she sets it to the side for later use. Bringing out fromage blanc, parsley, and chives she sets about to snipping the chives and chopping the parsley before combing them with the creamy French cheese. Smiling to herself she then pulls her perfectly crisped sweet potato chips from the oven. She spoons the herbed fromage blanc onto them gently so as not to break any chips then tops each one with a generous helping of the freshly made octopus? tartar. Finished, Ethel takes a moment to eye her creations. While they are all the same style of appetizer, the different canapes all have to compliment each other. She's confident that they will, as each one is savory with a hint of sweet. Plus she made sure to use octopus? juice in place of salt on the two canapes that did not contain actual octopus? in them. It will be a subtle note of flavor, but it should tie the three together on top of the savory-sweet highlights. Carefully, she sets about the task of plating for the judges. Two of each canape graces the plates. She then takes them up to the judges, smiling sweetly at them as she presents them the appetizers. She then returns to her stall and looks out at the audience. Smiling sweetly at them she waves at a few friendly-looking faces. She knows she needs their support to move. "Oh, what lovely people you are. Why you remind me of my late grandson, he was such a dear. Why don't you all come and have some canapes?" She offers with a sweeping gesture toward her cart. Some people meander over and she serves them plates of six canapes each, just like the judges. She gives each person a big smile and kind words. "You all deserve the best and Grandma Ethel is going to give you just that, my dearies!"

Hi! Quick question... on 11/22/2019 8:21:58 AM
It's been so long that at this point I just accept that my name is simplesabley instead of SimplySabley. The worst part is I think it took me an insanely long amount of time to even realize the typo.

Chopped II: Sauget Illinois on 11/21/2019 9:06:52 AM
Ethel will be sure to wear her best old lady shawl for the interview!

Chopped II: Round 1 on 11/19/2019 3:31:21 PM
As a wandering food critic with a phobia of creepy old ladies, I love the food from the adorable Octopus and award him 300 points!

Chopped II: Round 1 on 11/19/2019 11:15:24 AM
Dish: Skewered Bourbon Pigeon Condiments: Blackened Bourbon Blood Drizzle, Pureed Spicy Pancreas Drizzle, and Chunky Mustard Kidney Drizzle Ethel cracks her knuckles as she eyes the other contestants. Those young fuckers wouldn't know good food if it bit them on the nose, of that she is almost certain. Rubbing her wrinkled hands together, she smiles and waits for the signal. Scrambling faster than her age should allow, she rushes to snatch up her ingredients. Pigeons are such nasty beings. All they do is cluster outside and leave their droppings everywhere. Cutting one up will be an absolute pleasure, she's sure of that. She already knows exactly what to do with the wretched creatures. Skewering them will be perfect and bourbon is such an excellent ingredient in and of itself. Whoever fails this round deserves a truly gruesome death! That will be fun to watch. Ethel returns to her cart with a wheelbarrow of pigeon corpses, bourbon bottles, purple potatoes, and other items she has deemed necessary. Her first order of business is to chop up the many pigeons. Her cleaver beats against the cutting board with ferocity as she realizes just how much fun she used to have doing this. Of course, the bodies back then were much larger, but fun is fun after all. Saving the blood is also an important task so she collects it and sets it to the side for later. Tossing all of the pieces back into the wheelbarrow she proceeds to dump the bourbon on top for a marinade along with generous amounts of black pepper, black sea salt, brown sugar, Worcestershire sauce, squid ink, and dijon mustard. The ink mixes into the marinade to give it a gorgeous black color. How perfect! Leaving the meat to soak in the bourbon mixture, she addresses the matter of the vegetables. Dark purple potatoes with purple flesh, none of those basic white potatoes will do for the judges of this competition. She left all of those for the basic bitches she's up against. Throwing some black peppercorns and more black sea salt into a pestle she grinds them up with the mortar before rubbing them into the potato parts. Next, she takes the leftover pigeon blood and mixes it with squid ink, turning it a perfect black tone. A dash of bourbon in the mixture adds complimenting flavors along with some black sea salt and black pepper. She whisks the mixture over low heat until it thickens just so and sets it to the side. For her other condiment options, she takes the pancreases and proceeds to smash them barehanded before pureeing them with olive oil, salt, pepper, chili flakes, and a dash of liquid smoke. For the final condiment, she coarsely smashes and chops the kidneys and tosses them in mustard, before adding an egg yolk to give it a wonderful color and that perfect drizzly consistency. Satisfied with the length of time her meat has marinaded, she begins the process of skewering them. A leg with the bone on the bottom, the heart, piece of purple potato, a liver, half of the breast with more bones, potato, bone-in wing, potato and finally the whole head still attached to the neck. The brain is still intact inside the skull and the eyes are still there; the skewer exits the mouth in a most glorious fashion as well. The final touch is to wrap the intestines around the entire skewer, using toothpicks to hold it all together until it can cook. Firing up her grill, Ethel smiles as she turns the flame up to a glorious heat. Holding the first skewer over the flame she watches as the outside of the meat blackens perfectly, leaving the interior meat rare. The organs crisp up quite nicely and the potatoes turn an even darker purple in the heat, their skin turning black with a crisp char. Even the intestines do exactly as she wanted, cooking into place just so. The end result is blackened, somewhat charred exterior meat with a rare interior. Crispy charred organs and soft dark purple potatoes. Carefully she plucks out all of the toothpicks, feeling such glee when the intestines stay perfectly in place. Repeating the process many times, Ethel creates her skewers of the butchered pigeons. The skewers are rather large, but not ungainly. Pigeons aren't very big after all. Each skewer is a perfectly sized meal of its own and she feels quite confident as she finishes the last one and prepares to present to the judges. Ethel cackles a bit to herself. She has enough skewers for everyone present plus three for each judge! Now they can try each drizzle option, or put their favorite drizzle on all three of their servings! Even better, she can submit it for the glory of the bonus points! Donnovan: -No Green or Leafy Vegetables -Contains only Dark Vegetables -Contains Eyes Hiram: -Contains Organ Meat -Contains Reprodutive Material -Contains Digestive Organs -Contains Very Rare Meat -Contains Bone -Contains Significant Amount of Blood Byproduct Stanley -Spice Mix with Mortar and Pestle -Cooked over Open Flame -Scorched/Blackened -Bludgeoned meat -Entire Dish is Scorched/Blackened

Chopped II: Sauget Illinois on 11/18/2019 2:47:45 PM
Name: Ethel Monroe Age: 87 Sex:Female Bio: An ex spy who once specialized in assassination, Ethel's glory days are long past. After a particularly nasty incident with a neighbor's grandson who insulted her yard, she decided to bake him a plate of cookies that were to die for. Now she will enter the competiton for another chance at glory and to show the young people that their generation is weak and unworthy, of course!

Powitoc! on 11/15/2019 1:14:24 PM
Wrex during the Krogan Rebellions would probably be a cool fanfic now that I think about it, plus he has the best quotes anyway. "That's why I love you guys: Why shoot something once, when you can shoot it 47 more times?" Ok, I need to forcefully remove myself from this thread or else I'm going to end up taking on a 3rd project which would be a death sentence to my current productivity.
Edit: No idea how I got a Wrex fanfic idea and quote out of your Joker comment, but I'm going to roll with it anyway.

Powitoc! on 11/15/2019 11:44:09 AM
This isn't any old fan fic! This is Mass Effect and it deserves respect, dammit! But, yes, that article would be a good read for OP.