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Here's a few online tools I've found recently that I like to reference while writing or just found useful/informative in general.
Cure for Writer's Block
Tips for Dialogue
3 Secrets to Great Storytelling
How to make your novel a page turner
How to Write Compelling Characters

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Featured Story Ciara's Game
Contest Winner for Endmaster's 2018 Fanfic Contest

Ciara's life has never been anything worth cherishing, until she participates in a game that changes everything.

Special thanks to Corgi for beta testing, you're the best!

Update 12/26/18:Changed good ending perameters so that the requirements make more sense.

Update 6/25/19:Fixed a script error where the judge did not properly acknowledge a player's choice.

P.S. There is more than one ending. If you haven't found more than one, then you have not tried "literally" everything.

Featured Story The Secret of Daphne

When a young family moves into the sleepy little town of Daphne, they find themselves in a virtual utopia. The small cottage they move into is lovely, but not so old that it has problems. The people are all friendly, a close knit town with a population of only 300. Both of the family's daughters begin to make friends in their new school and the husband and wife find themselves entranced with the romantic scenery.
But, if something is too good to be true, it probably is.


Graphic Violence

Drug Reference

Sexual Reference

Special Thanks:

BerkaZerka & Aman

For their invaluable feedback and help in the making of this game.


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Fixed minor script issues

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Fixed minor spelling/grammar errors



Featured Story Project Origin: Atrophy (Part 2)

I'm temporarily unpublishing this game. 

It's been about 6 years since I've really been active on this site and coming back after all of this time and looking at my work I realize that the first installation in this game series is absolute crap and needs to be redone. 

It doesn't makes sense to have a part 2 published without a part 1. So until I feel up to doing a total overhaul of part one, I'm unpublishing both of them.

I'll leave this one with a sneak peak option since it's actually decent and people seemed to enjoy it.

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Dear Mazdark

Thanks for the heads up. I suspected these fuckers would attempt to usurp me eventually, but not during our scheduled inventory meeting today. Don't worry. I stabbed my shop manager in the throat with a pen, repeatedly, until he stopped making noise. Then I beat the fleet manager to death with my clipboard. And that filthy sneaky project manager got his head bashed in with the coffee maker. Served them right. No one usurps me!

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See you at the printer. I'm sure I'll have a few plans for how to deal with my nemesis by the time I get there.

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Proofreaders Wanted on 7/11/2019 8:17:49 AM
I feel like its just a lead up to some fullfillment of a Cystian prophecy of some kind. Soon the chosen one will come and save us. They'll be so efficient they can proofread an entire 100k story in a single day!

Maybe they'll be named Neo or something Matrixy like that.

Proofreaders Wanted on 7/11/2019 8:15:33 AM
To be fair, I've been slow on progress myself. I've only actually implemented one page of your edits so far...

But, I swear I'll get the others done today. For real this time. I know I've said that every day for over a week now, but I totes mean it this time!

Wtf is wrong with you? on 6/25/2019 8:46:06 AM
That's not happening for me. But I think I'm also seeing what looks like coding on the page that mentions firefox.

I use google chrome at work, so maybe that's why it isn't working for me.

Wtf is wrong with you? on 6/25/2019 8:19:42 AM
I'm mad at myself for not fighting the temptation and looking at his profile after reading this.

It is probably one of the greatest regrets in my life now.

Black, Female or Gay? on 4/29/2019 11:48:01 AM
Opps, sorry. I misunderstood. Bi White Female - Bi Blackest black possible female

Black, Female or Gay? on 4/29/2019 11:42:45 AM
Bi White Female - Ace, blackest black possible, male.

Update 3 on 4/17/2019 8:40:54 AM
There's one that is currently called The Isle of Wights(That's the island between Alfheim and Frjalsland), but I'm probably going to rename it. It's pretty much super haunted. Then there's Muspelheim, which is an island filled with fire giants and dragons. And an unnamed set of islands that are shrouded in fog and filled with draugr that guard the hidden gates to Hel. There's a few islands off the coast of Jotunheim that I'm still toying with ideas for too.

Characters you're just obsessed with? on 4/16/2019 11:15:48 PM
I do this too.

All the characters that exist in my head tend to end up on loop in one scenario that just replays endlessly with slight differences. And that'll be my focus for days on end, sometimes weeks. Then I'll find a different scene to do that with.

Update 3 on 4/16/2019 10:35:15 PM

I apologize for neglecting to update the WIP thread, so here's an update with a story snippet to hopefully make up for the wait. I have completed the prologue, Childhood, and 1st zone questlines for the story. I am about half way through the second zone, which is Nidavallir. I am doing a few rewrites for some of the first questlines I wrote, but the changes are minor and mostly just a matter of the tone I want to set for them. I also have a map update, though it does not have place names on it currently. However you can look at it to get an idea of the scale of the world the story is set in(This new map will show both the continent of Frjalsland and Alfheim, there are still 2 continents left to map as well as smaller islands that can be explored as well)

Current Word Count:47,873

Story Beginning(Complete)
Alfheim Childhood Path(Complete)
Alfheim Quests(Complete, but currently rewriting a couple quest lines)
Nidavallir Quests (50% complete)
Frjalsland Quests (Not Complete)
Random Events (Started)
Planned End Paths: 4(Still in planning, this number will most likely go up)
Variable Count:39
Companion Count: 9
In Game Compendium: (Beastiary started, Maps-3/6 complete-, Lore started)

Standing in the midst of Hunulv’s shrine, you feel your chest grow tight and your thoughts begin to fog. The air is dense with the incense lit about the shrine and smoke from the torches. The spiciness of the haze reminds you of the shaman’s home. Looking down at the fresh markings on your skin grounds you in the moment as you force yourself to focus on the priestess.

Hunulv’s High Priestess is a tall alf with hard muscles and a harsh face. The eldra mark that covers her body is all sharp angles. More archaic than those belonging to the common people of Alfheim. Runes sacred to Hunulv intertwine with the lines of knotwork and imagery, covered only at her hips by a skirt made of furs. A necklace of bones and teeth hangs from her neck. Her face is painted in white ash and charcoal, causing her harsh features to appear even more so. Her blue eyes are sharp, pinning you with a searing gaze that makes your heart begin to race.

“What do you offer as sacrifice to Hunulv, hunter?” Her voice is severe in tone as it rings out into the silence of the shrine.

You indicate the carcass of the great bear hoisted up above the altar. The torch light casts shadows upon its blood crusted fur. The beast looks far less intimidating now as it swings lightly on the creaking rope, tongue lolling from its gaping jaws. The priestess strides toward it, reaching out to run her fingers through the fur in what you think might be admiration. She finds the puncture wound where your spear pierced through the bear to deal the killing blow, ripping a hole into its lungs. The sound of that mighty animal wheezing its final breathes before you put it out of its misery still rattle about inside your head.

“It has been long since someone brought a bear as sacrifice. Hunulv will be pleased.” She turns away from the corpse and moves back toward you, reaching a hand out to tip your chin upward. “Remove your clothing. We will begin the sacrifice.”

Taking a deep breath, you begin removing your clothing without hesitation. The priestesses all watch with cold interest as you bare yourself before them. Once you are fully disrobed, the priestess brings you to the alter. The stone of the alter has a bowl carved into the center, directly below the hanging bear. At the lip of the carved bowl is a line cut into the stone to drain away contents into a waiting wooden bowl beneath.

A long curved knife is offered to you by a nearby priestess, the blade etched with runes. A sacrificial dagger for cutting the throat of a beast. Reaching out, you grip the fur of the bears head to pull it upward and expose the throat. It is still warm to the touch and not yet stiff with death. Drawing the blade across the bear’s throat, you watch as its lifeblood spills forth onto the altar. It spatters you when it hits the stone, but soon it is contained as it fills the altar bowl then drains down into the waiting wooden bowl below.

Chanting fills the air, a murmuring you cannot quite comprehend and yet it fills your chest with a tension that nearly chokes you. The priestess presses down upon your shoulders, leading you to kneel at the altar as the blood flows before you. Rhythmic drums beat somewhere behind you, sharpening your mind as the chanting continues. The stone beneath you is cold against your bare skin as you stare in fixation upon the altar and its contents.

The priestess lifts the wooden bowl now filled to brimming as another replaces it with an empty one. She holds the bowl out to you and the scent of the blood fills your nose, clearing your mind of the fogginess brought on by the incense in the air. Leaning forward, you steady the bowl with your hand and puts your lips to it. The thick warm liquid fills your mouth as you drink deeply of it. The need to gag threatens to cause you to spill it, but you force yourself to keep drinking until the bowl is empty.

The priestess presses her finger against your wet lips, smearing the blood around your mouth before stepping back. Reaching out to the bear, the priestess allows some of the blood to run onto her fingers before flicking them at you. Blood spatter sprinkles onto your face and chest. She leans down, bringing her blood soaked hand before your face. After hovering there for a moment, her hand caresses your face as one of her fingers slides past your lips. Unsure what else to do, you lick the blood from the priestess’ fingers.

When the bear is completely drained, the priestess take the wooden bowls and pour them over your head and onto your arms, chest, back, and legs. Covering your skin in the warm coagulating liquid. The priestess pulls you up to your feet, a smile upon her blood smeared mouth.

“The sacrifice has been offered. Now you will go into the forest alone. Offer your devotion to Hunulv and if you are worthy, then the wargs will not harm you. If you are found unworthy, they will devour you,” she says with a softer voice than before as she hands you a lantern.

Refusing to look back, you walk toward the back of the shrine as she directs you out into the forest. The failing sunlight casts long shadows in the dense forest of Vardrholt. Stopping once you hear the drums of the shrine sound distant, you find yourself in a small clearing. The sun is shining its last rays, nearly gone as the darkness threatens to swallow you whole. Movement in the shadows tells you that you are not alone.

Yellow eyes reflect the light of your lantern as you hold it aloft before you. The trees creak as a warg steps out from the trees. Larger than any bear and taller than a horse, the sacred beast stalks into the clearing. Its fur gleams amber brown in the flickering light and its lips curl back in a snarl that nearly rattles your bones with the sound. Its teeth are as long as your fingers and they snap together like thunder when the warg clamps its jaws shut as it crouches low, stalking ever closer as you stand your ground.