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Here's a few online tools I've found recently that I like to reference while writing or just found useful/informative in general.
Cure for Writer's Block
Tips for Dialogue
3 Secrets to Great Storytelling
How to make your novel a page turner
How to Write Compelling Characters

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Featured Story Ciara's Game
Contest Entry for Endmaster's 2018 Fanfic Contest

Ciara's life has never been anything worth cherishing, until she participates in a game that changes everything.

Special thanks to Corgi for beta testing, you're the best!

Update 12/26:Changed good ending perameters so that the requirements make more sense.

Featured Story The Secret of Daphne

When a young family moves into the sleepy little town of Daphne, they find themselves in a virtual utopia. The small cottage they move into is lovely, but not so old that it has problems. The people are all friendly, a close knit town with a population of only 300. Both of the family's daughters begin to make friends in their new school and the husband and wife find themselves entranced with the romantic scenery.
But, if something is too good to be true, it probably is.


Graphic Violence

Drug Reference

Sexual Reference

Special Thanks:

BerkaZerka & Aman

For their invaluable feedback and help in the making of this game.


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Fixed minor script issues

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Fixed minor spelling/grammar errors



Featured Story Project Origin: Atrophy (Part 2)

I'm temporarily unpublishing this game. 

It's been about 6 years since I've really been active on this site and coming back after all of this time and looking at my work I realize that the first installation in this game series is absolute crap and needs to be redone. 

It doesn't makes sense to have a part 2 published without a part 1. So until I feel up to doing a total overhaul of part one, I'm unpublishing both of them.

I'll leave this one with a sneak peak option since it's actually decent and people seemed to enjoy it.

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What is up my good dudes on 1/30/2019 10:13:01 PM
Welcome to the site!

The Many Fates Of Hjordis on 1/22/2019 6:57:34 PM

One Map To Rule Them All on 1/20/2019 6:57:16 PM
Fear not! There's a quest for that ;)

One Map To Rule Them All on 1/20/2019 5:54:37 PM

Alright, so first and foremost I would like to say a big thank you to Undr who has been proofreading this for me. She has been going through it with a fine toothed comb and I couldn't be more thrilled. Great job, Undr! And thank you again!

Current Word Count:21,662

Story Beginning(Complete)
Alfheim Childhood Path(Almost Done)
Nidavallir Childhood Path(Cut path, instead I'll be incorporating more quests into the region)
Frjalsland Quests (Not Complete)
Random Events (Started)
Afheim Quests: (5 Quest Outlines planned, more to come)
Nidavallir Quests: (Not Complete)
Planned End Paths: 4(Still in planning, this number will most likely go up)
Variable Count:37
Companion Count: 8
In Game Compendium: (Beastiary started, Maps-1/6 complete-, Lore started)

I'm mostly finished with one of the maps in the CC3+ program I purchased this weekend and thought I'd post it as a WIP thread update. Behold!

A small island nation to the south of Frjalsland inhabited by a nation of alfs called the Alfar. A highly secretive people, their existence is mainly myth and legend on the mainland. It has a lush, warm environment filled with vast forests and plains with rolling hills. It is also an ancient land with some mysterious sites and ruins scattered about just waiting to be explored. A world filled with beauty and deeply connected to the earth's natural magics, Alfheim is the starting zone for the game and will host the initial quests of the story.

Eldra Mother's Shrine
This shrine is located in the heart of the ancient forest known as Fornheimr. The centerpiece of the shrine is a massive tree that is said to be the oldest in the world. All the trees in this forest are said to originate from its seeds. Within the tree dwells a wight who guards the forest whom the Alfar have named The Eldra Mother. She is known to rescue those who get lost in the roadless forest and lead them through it and has also been known to grant wishes. It is a sacred site and many alfs make pilgrimages to the shrine once a year.

This massive forest spans for many miles and is densely populated by some of the largest and oldest trees in the world. The forest is protected by law and it is illegal to cut any of the trees there, which has made it impossible to build any roads through it. As a result, only a few footpaths exist through the huge expanse of the forest.

Hunulv's Shrine
This shrine is to Hunulv, goddess of the hunt. It is maintained by the wardens of Vardrholt and also serves as a gateway to the region. Those who wish to become warg riders come to the shrine to perform ritual sacrifices to the goddess to earn her favor before entering Vardrholt to brave the wargs themselves. Her favored sacrifices are the highest quality furs and meats gained from the hunt, especially from carnivorous beasts who pose a greater threat to the hunter.

Maekeligt Sted
A site with monolithic stones surrounding another stone structure whose original purpose is unknown. The site is said to have existed before the first Alfar settled the island at the darn of the First Age. Many sorcerors, historians, and others have studied it, but it remains a mystery.

A fertile stretch of ground with trees and excellent soil with farms spread throughout it. The agricultural hub of the island, it is the source of most of the food goods in Alfheim. Hjordis' family on her paternal side owns land here and it is where she is raised in her youth.

The capital of Alfheim and the largest city on the island. It borders the largest freshwater lake on the island and is home to the royal court. It is surrounded by a vast forest and has many smaller villages in the immediate area.

Tarn Af Syn
A tower just north of the military stronghold of Vardmadrverold. It is maintained by appointed military personnel and some of the most gifted sorcerors in Alfheim. At the top of it is an unlit signal fire, a warning system built after the Jotun wars that can be seen across all of Aflheim and even on the mainland if lit. The upper levels of the tower house messenger birds that are recieved from the Veil outposts in Frjalsland while the middle and lower levels hold libraries filled with scrolls and books that are considered sensitive in nature.

Temple of Skovfar
This temple is dedicated to Skovfar, god of forests and rivers. The waters of the lake just outside the temple are prized for their healing properties. Smaller shrines to minor gods are located around the lake as well.

Temple of Skjulten
This temple belongs to the god of secrets and knowledge, Skjulten. He is the patron god of magic and within his temple are housed many ancient tombs with old knowledge guarded by the priests and priestesses there. The upper levels of the temple are used for magic rituals by the priesthood and at times sorcerors deemed worthy are also allowed to partake in these.

A large fortress used as a military stronghold on the island, it was once the training grounds for the Alfheim army but since the war is now mostly empty but for high ranking military officials and some soldiers.

A restricted region used as a breeding ground for wargs, sacred beasts to the goddess Hunulv. It is fiercely guarded by wardens who dedicate their lives to protecting the region and the shrine within it. Alfs who wish to become warg riders come here, guided by the wardens in an attempt to bond with a warg. Many of these perspective riders are killed by the wargs within the region despite the best efforts of the wardens. These sacred animals are considered more valuable than the lives of any citizen and nothing can be done to harm them for any reason. The wardens work to keep citizens out as much as to keep the wargs in. The only way into Vardrholt without being executed by the wardens is through Hunulv's shrine with a warden to supervise.

Two White Women Made Me Deeply Uncomfortable on 1/19/2019 11:24:24 AM
Honestly, he's such a turn off I don't think even a strap on dildo could stay hard around him.

Mizal uses Wall of Text! It's super effective! on 1/19/2019 10:27:46 AM
I'm loving this and can't wait to read it when you finish!

I also now feel encouraged about the next update to my own WIP thread I'll probably post this weekend. I wanted to get into world info in it but was afraid that it would be too much of an info dump xD. Now that someone else has done the same thing, I can now post my info dump with peace of mind knowing that I'm just following the latest trend.

A Good Ruler on 1/17/2019 6:43:55 PM
Oh ok, I gotcha. That sounds interesting, I'm looking forward to reading more on it now. :D

Fantasy Map on 1/17/2019 6:33:12 PM
Pretty! I love it! You are so special and so is your map!

A Good Ruler on 1/17/2019 6:31:38 PM
So... its a yinyang symbol?

Other than that, I definitely like this concept.

Corgi's Unofficial Contest: The Lords of the Land on 1/16/2019 9:26:53 AM
I can probably get over the fact that you made me deeply uncomfortable one time over a personal pic of mine and that you also once posted a gross cartoon dick pic in a discord server filled with underage kids if, like Mizal said, you write something clearly superior to every other entry.

I'll be a fair judge