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"And if you want to write some very strange porn involving Steve, go ahead, I'm not gonna judge ... you weirdo." - Mayana

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"The only problem with Corgi's story was the lack of branching for the most part.
Didn't mind it in general"

"You idiot, you moron, you complete imbecile"- Mizal


"The name is not only all lowercase but includes numbers as well. A double whammy of ingenuity among usernames. The entire thing is full of awesome quotes aligned with a cool sidebar, where five years are shown to have gone by with an impressive number of points and posts to show for it. I'm sure the story games show a user with tons of time and dedication to the site.

8/8."-Your number one fan.

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The Last Chieftain

The land of Orcin, a place where all are free to live as they wish as long as they follow the laws of the council.  Years of relative peace had ensued, making sure the orcs would live as strong and as free as they had always been.

The Mannate Empire, destined to consume everything on the horizon, sets its sights on the homeland of the orcs.  Annexing one kingdom, one empire after the next, finally looks to orcin for resources, troops, and land to settle, as they prepare their dreaded march.

Nolazir, a simple orc, who lives off the land as he works his farm, unknowingly would be drawn into events to come.  He would come to shape the world around him, and the future of Orcin.  

Fight for honor, love, peace, and prosperity.  Lead with a cruel fist, or a warm heart.  Challenges and tribulations lay ahead for all. 

Will you save your homeland and return it from the brink?  Will you let the darkness within and without consume you?  What becomes of you and the world, is up to you.

The next edition will come out in a few months, filled with more varied events between time jumps including, politics, monsters, and more!  Also will be adding the rest of the real story and the side branches in as well.

Special Thanks

Where to begin exactly?  I'll start off with thanking Mizal, who helped me with some proof reading and structure at the start, and helping me figure out how to use variables.  Also for always being willing to help with my writing, grammar, and developing characters all these years, and generally being a wonderful presence on this site :)

I would like to thank MoreCowbell for consistently proofreading and giving me feedback on my story throughout this long process.  I appreciate all of your spell checking, helping keep the flow and pace, and general positivity and motivation during this whole project. 

I would like to thank 3iguy for taking an interest in my story and beta reading it for me.  As well as Ebon for his detailed and insightful responses to some of my threads early on.

I'd also like to thank Ogre, IAP for encouraging me and keeping me motivated during the hardest parts of the process (mostly the end point).

Also would like to thank EndMaster for letting me rip off his organization scheme for storygames.

I really couldn't have done this without you guys, and I owe a great part of finally finishing this to all of you and to CYS as a general whole.

I hope you all enjoy!

The Pie

One guy on a quest...for magic crytals!  Unfortunately this is the land of Cystia...and things almost never happen as expected.  

What starts as a normal day turns into a mad quest for revenge, live the life of a dude turned into an evil....killer pie!

Will you find redemption?  Or will you truly be evil? No one cares!  

Arren Gul

For End Master's Dark Fantasy Contest

Asylum of Hunters

The hearts of men run cold, the hour of the beast is nigh upon us.

Under starlight, the forsworn prepare for their ancient duty.

For the Pale Flame shimmers low, and the sanctity of the human form is shed.


Attack of the Savoids

Darth Vader

Vader must face the hell that is the space DMV.


Feel the suns warmth.

Breath that fresh air!

You are happy.

Your life is nice and cozy, it's a dream come true!

One day, you meet your own doppleganger.

What you do from here is up to you.


Dream Walker


In the wild, beastly lands of Velis Brum, many are prey to the whims and cruelty of men and monster alike.

A small village resides in the caves Manchor Vanit, it is here you have been born. Taught to remain close to the caves all of your life, you never caught a glimpse of what was beyond the mountains, and when you did it was often cruel and unsettling.

Your mostly quiet existence would end when Baglich would come to take your homeland, with their scum and barbarian fiends.

Gather family, allies, old foes, and create an empire suitable to standing up to this terror of the land.

Guide Us, Flames

Hunter's Bounty


A dispute, a broken promise.  The envy of one will break a kingdom.  

The half man, half dragon sorcerer Tarragon threatens your king, your home, your very way of life.  

How far will you go to make sure justice is brought to this foul madman?

Chose between to very different characters to embark on this epic quest, slay the dragon, save the princess, and restore honor to your kingdom.

Life as a Piece of Bread


Evil Grannies Galore!


Come, rest your weary feet. 
Sit by the campfire, warm those hands.  You must be tired.  
Oh, you like stories do you?
Hmm, here's a story for you.  One that goes way back, to a time when the night ruled, and the howling of beasts would make any man tremble.  Relax, it's going to be a long one.



An orc named Tumble, young, wild, and free.  

Life is great in a village nestled in between the mountains, the birth place of the great Orc race.  But for the past century a series of brutal crusades have left them divided and broken.

The Mannate Empire threatens to swallow them whole, just as it has done with everyone else in its path.  But then one day an even bigger threat to the land rises out of the fires of fate, undeterred by the ravages of time. 

They call him Scourge.  His forces threaten the very land, and all of life as it stands now.  

Will Tumble play the role fate has dealt him and stop the evil Scourge?

Or will he abandon the world before him and find his own way?

Silent Spire

For End Masters Dark Fantasy Contest.

In the land of Arren Gul, a Spire sits, its true nature hidden from those who would draw its power.

A man in the guise of a restless spirit ventures toward it to bring his enemies to justice.

The Silver Ghost


Yet Another Freaking Wolf Story


An exercise in seeing how fast I can crank one of these out.

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Asylum of Hunters on 4/19/2021 5:50:06 PM

Thanks for the feedback yall. 

Ill get into more detailed responses later.

But for now I want to clarify this is not a Bloodborne fanfic.

Altho it is inspired by the likes of Bloodborne, Dark Souls, and Darkest Dungeon.

Asylum of Hunters on 4/19/2021 6:15:28 AM

I started working on this storygame again as a break from my main project. I had originally started this, I think for one of the spooky halloween contests, never finished it, then I wrote some more for one of Maras jam and still didnt finish it. Now I'm just working on it for fun. I have more but I rewrote the first segment because I have better ideas for it now and sort of how everything fits together. Let me know what you think, or give feedback if you have any.

Even as I'm posting this I've still gone and changed some stuff in the first few sentences lol


A soft bell tolls, echoing across the hills of Fendora. It beckons, and you rise.

Somewhere past the old roads, a flame, pale and weak calls to you. Lights your path.

From the peripheries of your mind, distant echoes hum. You are but one of many on this quest. 

The flame takes you always one way, despite all, the brighter it burns, the more desperate you are to feel its warmth.

 Rain envelopes you. Wind threatens to tear your flesh from their bones. In time, a small cabin appears, shifting into and fading in this realm and the next. A bright pale flame burns from within. 

Your guiding starlight. From the heavens beyond the moon, down to the lowest depths, from the hills to the great waters.

Only the most reverent can see.


With every step your life returns to you, hollow husk of what once was.

 The door opens before you can fully reach the handle, a soft creak. 

On one side is a humble study, and by the fireplace a pot rests over the fire. A man sits on a stool, leafing through a great tome. He turns his head, regarding you without surprise or judgment.

“Hello there,” he says, standing, “you’ve come a long way. You must wash up.”

You are led to a small room, with a simple curtain over the entrance for privacy. There is a wash basin filled with steaming hot water. You rest in it for a while. It seems you sit there for an age, and perhaps you do, pondering as memories swirl with the water.

 Eventually you are able to wash away what once was. It is time to begin anew. 

Drying off, you find a neatly folded set of clothes laying on a stool. They fit perfectly. The perfect attire for one of your calling. Durable trousers, a simple shirt, a vest with many useful pockets, and an old worn coat. Lastly you place on the gloves, you tie a grey cloth around your mouth and neck to keep the beastly residue away. Lastly, you don an old worn hat. 

You step out, and the man motions to a seat by the fire, and you sit. There are a multitude of hunting instruments along the wall, and a table with a variety of half taken apart tools.

“Are you ready to hunt again?”

You nod your head.

He takes a silver pipe, with ancient inscriptions unreadable to the average eye. On the stummel, is an image engraved. A man wields a bident, the points rest in the heart of a beast. The creature is quite indiscernible, being various parts man, lion, dog, and winged. And perhaps things not meant to be known in this realm.

The image depicts the death throes of an ancient evil, and now it rests.

The man blows into the pipe, handing it to you. You breath it in, and in an instant a flash of light overtakes your senses. The Pale Flame ignites within your chest. Life returns to this husk, once hollow and devoid of being.

Now imbued, the Pale Flame guides you. The white haired man takes the pipe and sets it down in an intricately carved wooden box. He gently closes the lid before turning back to you.

The events leading you here since the bell tolled, are hazy at best, and everything before that lost to time. You live only now. 

“Now you are truly ready,” he says, “the hour of the beast is here, and the night is full of monstrosities, both mortal and of another plane. Fear not, and let the Pale Flame guide your step.”

You go to the array of weapons and gear on the one side of the cabin, used by ones like yourself since time immemorial. An ancient silver bladed glaive, perfect for slashing and stabbing, it will rend the flesh of many a foul thing tonight. 

Next you find a silver dagger laying on the table. Runes line the thing, but unlike the glaive it is a relic of a more recent past. The blade extends at the flick of a switch. Useful in a more personal situation, but when extended, offers a better chance to survive on last resort. Should your skill in all other manner fail.

The blood letter. A long, serrated tool used for cutting the flesh of monsters, however it functions not as a weapon. It is a tool for collecting the blood of the profaned. It will serve you well in your duty.

Several black powder explosives you clip to your belt. Fire and wrath the bane of many marked by blood.

The old man stands next to you, opening up a box made of oak, inlaid with fine silk. Inside is a silver revolver. Prying up the padding reveals many silver bullets. These you take.

“Go now, hunter. Your destiny calls to you.”

You exit. The stars align elsewhere, the cabin moves on. 

The shivering, silent echoes of the night reach you, and horrors become clear to you. 

The first, a hallowed hunter, now victim of blood. The mistress of dusk and a host of wicked beasts. They roam the valley on the far side of the capital, Fendora. They pillage and haunt, taking many for their wicked ritual. Deep beyond swamp and cave, is a grove corrupted by its unholy congregation. Purge this site, and return your former sister to the flame. 

 The next. Not far, in the abandoned stronghold of Lorid Vora, dark wings take flight. A creature of ever shifting form howls madly into the night. Find the Watcher, beyond the labyrinthian madness, and collect the ichor from its heart.

On this hour, you must pick a foe to slay.

Many dangers await you on your journey. Use discernment, remain resolute, and you will not be lost. The Pale Flame will guide your each and every step.

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