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New Dream Journal

2 months ago

The first one was starting to make my computer lag due to all the words in it. I figured this would be a good dream to kick off the new thread:


Battle of the Britons:

New dream. I am incredibly pissed off about it, ladies and gents.


I had dreamt that I was digging through the bargain bin at Staples for a game I hadn't seen, and found a game called "Clans" which was apparently about, like, Tribal horse lords in the plains and highlands of Great Britain. When I took it home and started playing it, I found out that it was like a massive open-map civilization builder where you could scroll out and see everyone else's towns in full 3D. The graphics faded in and out of being fully realistic and suffering from the sort of graphics you'd expect from a Staples bargain bin game depending on how much my brain remembered it was a game at the time.


There were like 8 pages of potential factions, and I picked the people with the coolest celtic knot, who turned out to be rebels of another faction who were invading Welsh Horselords.


They weren't going to get mad at us for rebelling until we built our own manor and made the character I was playing an actual lord though, so I decided to play it cool and join a battle against the Engles with one of my neighbors to build up brownie points and legitimacy with the Highlanders. The Engles and other locals weren't happy that we were here in the flatlands because again, we were Welsh invaders, which meant these scottishes were my only potential friends in this situation.


The battle was fun, I remember being in control of only a single unit due to how small our splitoff faction was, yet being the only people on horses, lancing around the battlefield and also using slings to huck rocks at people from horseback. My life was ended by harquebus fire (the game seemed to take place in a bizarre mix of time periods that you could turn on and off in the options menu) and I decided to try and play a different faction.


I looked for a BIG and STRONG faction this time, but then I found one that had little green exclaves all over the map, and picked it. I had apparently picked THE WITCHES, who were an organized conclave of covens of pagan cannibals, whose matriarchs have been here since the stone age, and sustain their immortality with the flesh and blood of virgin outsiders and Christian Babies. I looked, and their enemies was basically everyone, but it was interesting to note that they were also enemies with the witches who revered Satan instead of the Old Gods. Meaning that not only were there witches, but I hadn't even picked the only faction of witches. There was also a third, blue faction with the same "W" logo for Witches, but I hadn't looked at it because I wanted to see my list of friends.


I was apparently allied with the Subterranean Cave Monsters who lived in holes in the ground and reproduced with kidnapped human women, though they could also make crude imitations of themselves (usually best for slave labor) by constructing new bodies fron the flesh of the people they killed, which cost them food points because that's what they ate. (I hadn't actually seen any of this yet, mind you, this is a rare instance of me specifically remembering reading in a dream.)


And their other ally was a faction marked by a clenched deformed fist with claws named "LITERAL SHIT" I assumed it was either a developer's joke faction or some sort of psychedelic evil-fairy-related nightmare or both, but I wanted it to be a surprise so I clicked play and...




New Dream Journal

2 months ago
I'd play the hell out of this.

Dream it again, properly this time so the rest of us can at least get the LP.

New Dream Journal

2 months ago
You could've at least lied and said you played around for a bit before waking up :(

Why did you have to wake up at just that time

New Dream Journal

2 months ago

I ask myself the same question every day.

Which, since it happened this morning, has been one day. But I've still been asking it a lot. Even if I lied, I don't know if I'd be able to explain what the LITERAL SHIT faction was in a satisfying way.

New Dream Journal

one month ago

Last night I dreamed I was walking around a forest that had been utterly destroyed. There were some friends with me (they weren't anyone I actually know and I don't think dream me was even the real me, we were all young college kids) and we had backpacks so I think the ideas was we were out hiking on holiday.


The trees were stripped bare and jumbled up so that it looked like one of those old pictures of logging camps or like there has been a massive flood that just tossed them there. We walked though them and climbed over them a long time speculating on what had happened and how far it went. 

After some time these pillars of black smoke were appearing all across the horizon and somehow we knew that these were cities being destroyed, and that we'd be hunted soon. (I think by aliens?)


So we decide to find each find sheltered places right there under the trees and dig down and connect them so that we'd have a space to live in without being seen from the air. 


Everyone was remarkably calm about spending the rest of our lives cowering in holes in the ground as the last of humanity. I sort of lost the thread of the story after that though as I decided to walk back to a collapsed farmhouse and barns we'd passed earlier to search for tools, and the dream changed to something else a bit after that and then I woke up.