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Help Fix Broken Pics

7 days ago
Due to PhotoBucket's discontinuance of free 3rd party hosting, there will soon be a few broken pics in a number of my games (and I presume others).

Use this thread to bring them to my attention and I will fix them as I become aware of them. I may or may not be able to fix images in other games, but we'll see...

If you want to bitch about what a huge dick move this is on the part of PhotoBucket, then post in the Lounge thread under the appropriate name.


Help Fix Broken Pics

5 days ago
So far, I have fixed everything in my current project and all the pics in Cows vs. Aliens.

Next will be Kill Aman's Mustache

There may be a pic or two in Dungeon Stompage I'll have to repair too, but one thing at a time...

Help Fix Broken Pics

4 days ago
Kill Aman's Mustache is fixed.

Boy what a pain in the ass! I accidentally copy/pasted 'img scr' rather than 'img src' and had to go back and do the entire repair over haha!

Fark Ding Blast Aman's Mustache! XD

Help Fix Broken Pics

4 days ago

Glad to hear you fixed everything. I imagine it was a time consuming pain to do it.

When are the images supposed to red x anyway? So far all my photobucket images are still showing.

Help Fix Broken Pics

4 days ago
It takes all day.

I don't have a lot of pics local, so I have to download them from the farking horrible PhotoBucket interface (spammed with pop-ups to spite my pop-up blocker), then resize the ones that will fit on CYS, upload them, then upload the rest to BHB, then go in and edit all the pages, basically clicking on one-after-another to make sure I don't miss anything.

It sucks.

But yeah, Recent PhotoBucket Users are already screwed, but Legacy Users get till December I think, before their pics break. I'm just trying to get a jump on things while I got the free time.