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Longer Pages, or Longer Strings of Pages?

4 days ago

I know this question has been asked here before, but I forgot the general response it got and I just can't seem to find it.

I was just wondering if the general public around these parts likes to have stories that have long sequences without choices cooped up, all on one page, or spread out through clicking the links to go to new pages.

Like, I have a tremendous amount of content that goes on without a choice (I mean, come on, it's a lot of work to put into a story that branches off every two pages, and I want to get my story across), but I just want to have some opinions on it. I also don't want to clutter the work with useless dead ends every choice as to keep it contained in a way to not have a horribly overwhelming workload.

I hope this made sense, my mind is kind of fried from writing for three days straight, as I'm not that accustomed to writing that much in this short amount of time.

Longer Pages, or Longer Strings of Pages?

4 days ago
All I can do is speak to my personal preference. Anything over 1000 words or so is getting a little longer than I want to read all on one page, but clicking through three pages is really the max before I start expecting to see some choices there.

Keep in mind not every choice has to end in death or spiral off wildly into a completely different path.

Longer Pages, or Longer Strings of Pages?

3 days ago
From what I've read here, neither. In general, readers here do not want long pages, nor do they want lots of no choice pages.

Any way you can add some extra choices in there?

Longer Pages, or Longer Strings of Pages?


I've solved this problem by adding in choices in places where the story was taking to long to get around too, like ask what you want to know about this person, who do you want to talk to, etc., and I feel like this a better approach and will make the story not only feel more choice-y, but also provide more insight to the characters that I'm building than with the regular story.